It has been raining in this portion of Northern California, and the forecast is for clouds and showers with a few sunny spots in between. Though some love the sound of raindrops falling in their skylights and watching storm clouds gather from the warmth of the sunrooms, others may feel drained by the darkened weather. Many ers in Kentucky and Indiana are outright crushed by unforgiving tornados.

To get a much-needed reprieve from the March rains, choose some design inspiration from the most banal yet essential rain gearbeneath the umbrella.

Walking Stick Umbrella – EUR 85

Geometric Prints

Geometric prints lift the spirits and invigorate the senses, which makes it no surprise that these prints are all within the fashion, furniture and accessories editorials for 2012. This walking stick umbrella’s kaleidoscope of pastels and patterns …

Anthony Baratta LLC

… appear to have been applied directly to the artwork above the sofa in this midcentury mod living area.

Lulu Street Scene Tiny Umbrella – EUR 28

Street Scenes

As this compact umbrella shows, you do not have to devote to an whole living space to show off your favorite road scenes. The Lulu Guinness Street Scene umbrella reminds us to add a dash of fun and lightness on heavy-weather times by recalling what it’s like to explore and perform at the most incredible cities: New York, Tokyo and …

C’est Magnifique Wallpaper – $88

… Paris. Why not frame leftovers of this background print as artwork?

Williamsburg Marketplace


Doesn’t thecanopy design of this walking stick umbrella seem as if it was lifted and …

Marlene Wangenheim AKBD, CAPS, Allied Member ASID

… styled to incorporate to this sitting room wall space? Antique maps adorn the space and root it in a traditional fashion.

Grace Home Design

Map murals for kids’ rooms serve double duty as décor and instructional tool. A map is a continuous reminder that the grass is always greener in different parts of the planet — where it’s not raining.

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Aspinal of London

Umbrella – EUR 110


Howcan you not have a sunny disposition when you’re under this gorgeous lotus blossom, rain and all? Twirl it around to enjoy the splatter of raindrops and dance through the streets à laFred Astaire.

Elad Gonen

Splish-splashing within this toilet might be just fun. The homeowners of this sunflower tile mosaic backsplash for the sink surely feel that a little blossom therapy can uplift the spirits.

Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler umbrellas – $28.95

Fish Scales

Jonathan Adler’s climbs umbrella layout (left) is at a vibrant layered arrangement, adding panache and flair to even the grayest of skies …

Camilla Molders Design

… much like this dazzling bathroom sink backsplash in sea colors contrary to warm, neutral woods.

This splashy fish-scale wall artwork for a living space is now a blogger’s DIY project; she glued coin-size paint chip dots in varying hues at a scalloping pattern on a red panel.

Inform us : how can you deal with wet days?

Patterns: Scallops and Scales

If This Bloom Were a Space

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