A horizontal line might be the very first line people know. As our ancestors watched the sun set over a flat, straight horizon, they have been introduced into a timeless design motif that never gets old. Let’s look at some new ways performers are accenting the horizontal to match the landscape, create room for business or simply observe humor and whimsy.


Horizontal pavers aren’t that unusual, but emphasized with a brilliant orange door with horizontal cutouts, they create a big announcement.

Swatt | Miers Architects

Sometimes little changes can make a big difference in a space. Notice how the easy striped cushions with this sofa accent the horizontal lines of the banisters. Also notice how the option of a streamlined, boxy couch also correlates well with the horizontal lines at the area.

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Long and Low Horizontals Cry Out for Business

When dealing with a long and low horizontal dining room, you can either break up that expansive horizontal area or accent it with a profound and wide table lots of dining chairs. The long level light fixture and art above the windows give the horizontal lines much more energy.

Genesis Architecture, LLC.

This long and very low house is highlighted perfectly by a long and very low privacy fence. The lines work together rather than competing, letting the home to fit snugly into its surroundings.

Swatt | Miers Architects

Rethink Conventional and Celebrate Horizontals

Bathtubs are usually rounded. Even if they fit into a square space, the layout constantly reads oval as a result of its inside cutout. But when installing a freestanding tub, consider a rectangular layout to accent other horizontals on your area. The shape narrative goes here with the option of rectangular, low-profile sinks.

Space Kit

When you have a large bank of cabinetry from a horizontal line, as here, opening up a long rectangular box at the middle can create a pleasing design announcement. The identical line is repeated in steel grey with the dining table, shifted into the left for a perfectly asymmetrical setup.

Kelle Contine Interior Design, LLC

Accent Horizontals With Verticals

Accenting horizontals does not mean everything in a space must run on precisely the exact same line. In this bathroom the repeating horizontals, in the cupboard doors into the backsplash into the mirror, are contrasted and highlighted by similar lines turned vertically on the ground.

Shelley Kirsch Interior Design and Decoration

Straightforward stripes go a long way toward highlighting horizontals, but notice the play on direction together with the ceiling stripes here.

Turn Collaborative

Look around your distances today. Which lines are inherent in the design of your residence? Are there horizontals that you could played with furniture arrangements, attachment options or even a new paint treatment? While initially horizontals might seem trivial, they could make interesting designs in any area.

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