Going off to college in the Autumn? Whether you are a first year freshman or a senior veteran, odds are you’ll need to outfit a dorm, an apartment or a classic faculty home. And in case your bank accounts looked anything like mine did in school, you’ll need to do it on a dime. Luckily, there’s hope: megastores such as Ikea and Target have lots of affordable items that don’t sacrifice fashion.

Beyond that, online sites like Overstock or even your regional flea market will have finds for next to nothing if you merely take the time to hunt. Check out these photos for a few great finds that will be kind to your pocketbook and your personality feel, at college and long after graduation. Happy hunting!

Lisa Fyfe

Here is a great idea for an inexpensive desk: construct your own using two Vika Artur trestles from IKEA and top them with a level timber or steel surface. (Hollow-core door blanks are great for this!) It is easy to prepare and take down, making it great for hopping round living space during your school years.

Scour your regional flea markets, garage sales and estate sales to get inexpensive finds such as vintage tables that may easily turn into your coffee table. Take it home and give it a new coat of paint and it will take on an entirely new life.

With all your publications, newspapers and miscellaneous things, storage and shelving becomes key in faculty. Set up IKEA’s Expedit Bookcase to help you keep everything under control. Stick one in a living area to encourage your roommates to keep their items organized also.

Fiorella Design

Here is a great example of a dining area installation that you may readily replicate at an inexpensive price. The chairs themselves are IKEA: Called the Nandor chairs, their wicker-like seat combined with steel legs gives them a look both chic and timeless. This table, however, is likely the real Saarinen tulip dining table that includes a hefty price tag. Simply replace it with IKEA’s Docksta table for a fraction of the purchase price.

Create affordable artwork by hanging clipboards dressed in ornamental paper. Continue to personalize them by adding photographs and other memorabilia.

Cozy Little Residence

Get thrifty by using a cheap dish rack for file organization. Paint it with a fun color for a bold statement all your own.

Restyled Home

Dorms and flats often come with awful lighting that just seem to encourage headaches. Come equipped with a replacement: the Maskros Pendant Lamp from IKEA will provide softer, more tolerable mild while at the same time adding a punch of pleasure fashion. Like the picture, this would also be great in a tiny dining room in an apartment or home.

Brooklyn Limestone

Goal is another great place to peruse while collecting your faculty requirements. Dorm rooms often include chilly, tile floors that are the last thing that your feet will want to get in the daytime. This Goal zebra print rug will warm up your space while adding texture, all at a cost that will not break the bank.

Jennifer – Rambling Renovators

Like rugs, curtains will do a world of wonders for heating up your faculty room. You may either create your own curtains using IKEA fabric, as in this picture, or buy them already made, like a set of Wilma curtains.

If you are fortunate enough to have room for a real bed on your faculty home (I could barely squeeze in a twin on a frame in my humble space), then contemplate IKEA’s Malm bed. It will provide your bed structure and style without consuming too much space, and it’s classic enough you’ll be able to utilize it post-college.

So you have got the bed, but you are short on money for your headboard. No worries: just get creative! This designer hung two bits of pre-cut timber, then hand-painted her wall for dramatic flair. Cheap and unique!

This entire room was made on a budget. The wallpaper and slipcover are from Target and the rug is out of Wal-mart/CSN online. The artwork is styled shower curtains!

The Red Jet

IKEA’s PS Cabinet creates the perfect affordable TV stand and doubles as additional storage. Additionally, it locks, which means you can protect your valuables once the party makes its way to your location.

Erdreich Architecture, P.C.

If you are living in a apartment or home, dishware will be a necessity. Rather than buying expensive collections, collect various pieces from flea markets and antique shops. It will create an eclectic and eye-catching set without having to empty your pockets.

Becky Cunningham Home

If you are short on kitchen storagee, get smart by hanging a classic nesting box. You’ll likely be able to locate one for not too much cash at antique stores or flea markets, and it will offer you an opportunity to display your pleasure dishware instead of hiding it.

Shoshana Gosselin

At times, college apartments include basic furnishings, but houses generally don’t. Check out IKEA for great couch finds. This two-seater sofa is perfect for a living space, or, in case you have a little more space, try out the Ektorp sofa.


CALYPSO St. Barth for Goal ® Tumbler Set of 6 – $29.99

Here are a few other great finds. This very affordable tumbler set from Target will add a dash of colour to your dishware.


Polarvide Twist – CAD 5.99

At just $5.99, you have no excuse not to bring a little warmth out of a Polarvide throw away from IKEA.


Andros Red Indoor/ Outdoor Rug (6’7 Round) – $82.99

Rugs can be awfully pricey, but outlets such as Overstock always have carpets available. At $82.99, the Andros rug is a fairly great deal, and the pattern will hide stains.


Lantern Set with White Hibiscus – $17.99

At $17.99, this lantern place from Target is a great choice for adding soft light in a colorful fashion.

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