We are drawn to dramatic homes with oversize furnishings, luxe fabrics, esoteric artwork and daring wall treatments. But let’s not forget about the alluring impact of shadows: Shadows cast by light sources converging with building materials and furniture include enigma to any space through complicated projections and well-placed designs. Listed below are a few examples of ways to use shadows.

Duffy London

Wolf Inside Shadow Chair – GBP 995

Look no further for a conversation piece. This shadow seat by Duffy London casts a crazy and dark — albeit artificial — shadow. A variation of the shadow seat, the powder-coated-steel seat apparently defies gravity while a faux fur rug in a wolf’s shape hides parts that actually support the seat.

Duffy London

Wolf Inside Shadow Chair – GBP 995

The “Wolf Inside” shadow seat sets a strong, grounding tone for the remainder of your home and would look fantastic in the entryway; the bit would also incorporate a coating of amusement to a home with a lot of serious fine art pieces. But the price tag may be enough to make a grown man … well, howl.

The wood slats’ shadows in this patio repeat the strong vertical and horizontal lines of the furniture. Shadows cast on the ground — from both the slats and also the furniture legs — form an intriguing, grid-like floor layout.

James Hill Architect, AIA

In the exact same manner, the trellised cedar slats of this poolside pergola add visual interest into the trusses; it nearly looks like the trusses were painted using taupe horizontal stripes.

The construction zone, ltd..

This contemporary home utilizes shadows cast by metallic aspen leaves as a visual signal; the partially veiled entryway indicates the transition from external to the indoor space.

theodora michailides

Shadows cast by these panels that are custom multiply and project the most intricate arbor designs onto the walls, adding to the exotic Mediterranean charm of this home. The arbor panels also diffuse light into the region and help cool the space.

Plattner Custom Builders

The complex shadows suggested by this David Trubridge floral pendant soften the critical impact of these gothic windows in this “bonus” room. Floral projections around the surrounding ceiling and walls create delight and amusement appropriate for a playroom.

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

This is a great example of a well-placed light fixture. The shadows cast from the Moroccan lantern reflect the Moroccan influence on the Spanish resurrection home and add variety to the largely bare white walls.

Kara Mosher

A row of shadows cast by skylights breaks up a huge patch of white in this entryway.

KUBE architecture

Here is a terrific way to bring the outdoors inside: Organic lighting strikes the stairs and shoots between each stair plank, mimicking the way the sun’s beams shoot streams of light from beneath the clouds.

International Custom Designs

The designer of this beach-sunset-theme bedroom echoed the drama of this theme’s inspiration by uplighting a bonsai tree and projecting up its shadows into the surrounding ceiling and walls. The result heightens the dusk-like ambience of this cozy room.

Design Solutions

Do not forget about exteriors — a home’s street facade creates a good “screen” on which to project shadows. Landscaping uplighting and darkness converge here.

Get Movie-Star Looks With Uplighters

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