Jan. 23, 2012 is Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year. The date, a rather new phenomenon, was decided by Dr. Cliff Arnall at 2005. He used a formula that factored in holiday trades, the hour of sundown, cold gray weather, the amount of time since Christmas had passed and despondence over neglecting to keep New Year’s resolutions. His admittedly non-scientific formula caused the date taking place on the Monday that drops during the last full week in January.

Feeling a grim Monday coming on? Here are a couple tips for battening down the hatches and keeping yourself in a good mood.

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1. Bring in the timber to get a blazing fire. A fire in the fireplace always lifts my mood a few notches. Heck, get out the marshmallows and make s’mores if you want (recommended for wood burning fireplaces only).

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2. Use the Force. Well, at least let your favourite episode of Star Wars, a stupid action movie or schmaltzy romantic comedy. I’ll be seeing The Larry Sanders Show DVDs Santa brought me. (Hey Now!)

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3. Prepare your pub. It gets dark early, and whenever the sun goes down it could be cocktail or mocktail time. Find an excuse to use the martini shaker; locate an enjoyable new recipe.

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4. Figure out where you saved Yahtzee! and Battleship. Get together with family members and friends and play some excellent old-fashioned matches.


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5. Have a soak. Take time on Sunday to wash out your tub, and make sure that you have ample candles, candles and bubble bath on hand. Blue Monday is a Calgon, take me away kind of day.

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6. Treat yourself to flowers. Few things perk up a room like fresh blooms.

7. Get your light right. Never depend on one overhead light. Utilize a mixture that includes floor lamps and table lamps. Ensure that your bulbs aren’t giving away an unpleasant light, that you’ve got good reading light on your comfy spots, and that your room has a nice pleasing glow.

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8. Eat anything you desire. I understand a huge hunk of tasty artisanal cheese could do just fine for me, and I’m not sure what changing the word”cheese” with the word”artisanal” really signifies.

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9. Have a good read. Pull out your favorite design publications, trashy magazines, or that novel you have not had time to read lately and indulge. Curl up on the sofa, a chaise or on your own bed with a warm blanket and a fattening coffee or cocoa drink. Blue Monday has now become a fantastic excuse to indulge.


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10. Laugh. Bust out that New Order record and laugh at the fact that you used to sing out”I see a ship in the harbor…I can and shall obey” with absolute seriousness in 1988. Or laugh at the fact that I did. What the heck is it supposed to mean? Actually, I have had this album in my car for about a year. Maybe it’s time for some CDs that are somewhat more 2012.

Inform us: What do you do to combat the January blues?

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