As my husband and I plan to build our first home, I realized that the very first bit a visitor comes with any home is the doorknob. Listed below are 20 knobs I would be proud to own as the”first touch” in our future dream home. — Alison out of Long Distance Loving

The Home Depot

Vintage Full-Dummy With Knob, Venetian Bronze – $56.25

This knob would offer a bold introduction to any space. Beautiful and bronzed, it would command attention.

Hardware Hut

Emtek Bristol Clear Crystal Door Knobset with Disk Rosette

A modern take on the glass doorknob, this beauty would feel fantastic in your hand.

The Home Depot

Plymouth Antique Brass Bed and Bath Knob – $19.97

Having an antiqued look, this knob requires a classic wooden door to accompany it. It might not have a great deal of frills, but it will have a well-executed layout.

Contemporary Knobs

The unique shape of the doorknob would take a fun twist (literally) on the conventional round shape.

Hardware Hut

Emtek Cast Stainless Steel Round Door Knobset w/Disk Rosette

Sleek and modern, this knob would make a white door positively pop. It’s chic curves and lines would also look stunning paired with a full glass door.

The Home Depot

Polo Venetian Bronze Hall/Closet Knob – $14.70

Who would not love this bronze beauty? Its spherical shape and divine handhold could make it the ideal complement to a room of any colour.

The Home Depot

Georgian Satin Nickel Dummy Knob – $13.97

Invoking a few memories from my youth, this knob is a fixture in several all-American households. Its simplicity adds to its charm.


Rope Half-Round Knob with Rope Rose – $59.50

The nautical texture of the knob needs a seaside home. I seriously cannot get enough of the rope detailing!

Hardware Hut

Emtek Cast Bronze Butte Door Knobset

This knob would offer plenty of personality to a space. It feels somewhat rustic, when compared with the other smoother knobs within this ideabook.


Georgetown Rosette With Hyde Park Knob – $60.80

The white porcelain of the knob gives a blank canvas for any room. It’d look great anywhere, but it would seem especially nice in a bathroom.


Weslock Julienne Egg Door Knob – $12.96

Complementing a present or classic home, this knob could make an ideal choice for someone wanting design flexibility.


Providence Door Set With Round Brass Knobs Passage, Polished Chrome – $90.95

Chic and sleek, the extensive base plate of the chrome knob makes it an instant classic in my book.

Lock Sets Only

Rust Brown Swirl Privacy Knob with #2 Rosette – $86.10

This knob looks inviting and warm. It would be ideal for a variety of rooms, whether at a cozy cabin or even a modern home.


Georgian Knob With Camelot Rose – $12.60

Regal and complicated, this knob needs attention. It is strong and wouldn’t disappear into the background of any area.

Hardware Hut

Acorn Stainless Steel Rounded Plate Door Knob Set

This knob reminds me of you you might see in a 1920s-era resort. It would add elegance and sophistication to any space.


Filmore Full Dummy Knob Set, Polished Brass – $93.77

Bronzed and amazing, this knob evokes a classic American sense. It would look gorgeous on doors of colors.


Round Passage Knob, Oil Rubbed Bronze – $18.20

This slick knob could make a statement. Its simplicity makes it even more elegant.


Portland Passage Knob, Satin Nickel – $20.80

A bit more subdued, this knob would not take away anything from a space. It would settle nicely in the background and allow a room do the talking.

Hardware Hut

Emtek Hammered Egg Door Knobset

A room fit for a king might only be enhanced with these gorgeous gilded knobs. The texture provides an excess oomph to this beauty.

Hardware Hut

Brass Accents Georgetown Clear Crystal Door Knobset w/Netropol Rosette

In a sea of glass doorknobs, the unique shape of the knob would make it stand out from the audience. I can’t get enough of the nickel and glass mix!

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