As the ombre color trend cakes were the first things that caught my attention. In the past year, the trend has spread like wildfire: ombre dresses, ombre hair, and ombre in interior design. These pieces and rooms play with dark and light in a new way, one which reflects character — especially the skies — and invites you in to stay awhile.

Everything about this ombre cake out of Maggie Austin Cakes is tempting. It is like a crescendo, yanking your attention in and focusing it on the smaller upper piece. This attention-directing characteristic of ombre makes it an superb choice to use in house design.

Click for a few home decorating ideas inspired by this delicious gradation in colour.

Trans Ocean Imports Ombre Horizon Purple Hand Tufted Purple Area Rug – 9663/49 | – $850

Plum and gray meet ombre at a stunning way in this rug. It brings the eye on its centre and would seem as good on a wall because it would on the floor.


Tyrian Ombre Vase – – $298

I really like this ombre vase with its foundation tone that is earthy appears like the ground the flowers came out of. The result was made by dipping the vase at a glaze.

The ombre colour on the pillow gets the middle of this chair the focal point and also helps you to unite the warm interior colours with the cool blue appearing from outside.

Vanni Archive/Architectural Photography

The ombre tile within this toilet gives the room such a soothing texture, like you were floating just beneath the surface of the ocean.


Flamenco Shower Curtain – $118

The blues and greens in this ombre shower curtain capture the sensation of rain falling on you and pooling in your feet perfectly. It extends any colour palette you may consider for the space.

Amoroso Design

The kitchen tiling uses light to make an ombre effect and make a spectrum of colour as opposed to one solid one. The backsplash, which is frequently overlooked in a kitchen is certainly lit up by it.


Emerald Ombre Covered Dish – $28

The ombre design aesthetic is really a classic on cookware, adding some colour and design to whatever tasty food may be inside.

Z Gallerie

Aquamarine Ombre – $399.95

This painting is a favorite. Based on how you hang it, it could easily remind you of two different things: the depths of the sea, or the move from brightness on ground to the shadow in space. I would choose the latter sense.

Ombre functions equally well between colors of a similar colour as it does between white and a single color. This confection in its own peaches and yellows (also from Maggie Austin Cakes)warms the entire room.

Watch how you can find the same effect in a room, next.

Patricia Benson

The result can be achieved with light and paint, making a smooth transition from one room to the next, even if they are different colours. Here, a yellow-to-off-white gradation gives the stairway some extra emphasis and draws you on to research the house.


Wavering Ombre Curtain – – $99.95

This ombre window curtain is reminiscent of the morning sunrise or even a stunning evening sunset. The darker colour on the floor adds some weight into the room whilst still allowing the light pour through the lighter portion.

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