When operating a meal for guests, food styling can play an important role in your own kitchen. Presentation is everything, no? Have we forgotten about the fantastic meal? Listed below are 20 magnificent dishes you may not wish to cover up with dinner. — Kristin Guy from The Cuisinerd


Sergeant Bosco Portrait Plate Altered Antique From BeatUpCreations

If elected president, Mr. T would be at each dinner table on the planet. Seriously, how amazing is this?

Design Public

Jason Miller Seconds Dinner Plates – $130

Set a bird on it! I couldn’t resist.


Enamel Plate, White And Gray – EUR 14.50

If x marks the spot, this plate is an bullseye of devotion.

The Conran Shop

Coupe Monochrome Ubend Dinner Plate – $24

This plate is obviously channeling all of the PULP fever I am seeing in my FB feed this week — Brit pop!

Gretel Home

Taika Dinner Plate – $39

This owl is really a know-it-all. He knows you shouldn’t have had that next slice of cake.


Palm Beach Villa Vanilla Plates From The Gilded Tassel – $74

These plates make me want to throw onto a muumuu, jump in my car and floor it to Palm Springs or Miami. Fabulous!

Bauer Pottery Company

Grill Plate – $28.60

For all those design fans who prefer to have their sides separate from the rest of the activity.


When East Meets West, Gold From Hygge & West – $95

Shouldn’t each meal comprise an arcade subplot?


Japanese Pattern Plate – $30

This looks like most of my origami projects — unfinished.

Hunkydory Home

Becky Baur, Sitting Fox – GBP 20

This is about as close as I’ll ever get to getting a pet fox. It’s adorable!

Jonathan Adler

Positano melamine salad plate – $9

This plate was made for outdoor dining table. Preferably by a pool, paired with a pretty cocktail.


Alexander Girard Design Plate Set – $52

Bold and glowing like an Eames circus, this set is a few serious midcentury-inspired eye candy.


Diane von Furstenberg “Graphic Batik” Decal Dessert Plates – $69.99

Let’s be honest, this is not getting covered by food, is it?


Buddha Belly Plate – $28

Not all functional items are pretty. Not all pretty things are practical. I believe I’ve found an outstanding compromise.

The Conran Shop

Black Lace Dinner Plate, Red Trim – $48

Hang those velvet drapes, this dinner is about to get medieval chic!

Gretel Home

Fish Platter In Pistachio – $119

Whimsy reincarnated: Plate variant.

The Conran Shop

Seletti Daily Aesthetics Dinner Plate – $28

I break for fine dining which looks disposable!

City Plate, Mumbai – $48.99

I am a massive fan of this series, since I get to travel across the world with each meal.



Poketo The Middletons Plates – $40

These dreamy plates are begging to be turned into an animated music video, or my new screen saver.

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