This year, the driving force behind what we desire in our flats is our dependence on calming spaces and enhanced performance to decrease stress in our busy lives. All of these trends either make our kitchen-related tasks easier, or they aesthetically move the look only a little more in a minimum direction.

If you are preparing to build or remodel — or even when you only need to freshen up your kitchen somewhat — here are 9 features to consider for your dream kitchen.

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1. Microwave drawers. Not since the creation of microwave popcorn has anything excited me as much as the microwave drawer. For decades, microwaves have either claimed a few feet of counter space or resided above the stove.

I think microwave drawers will become as ubiquitous as the dishwasher. Gone are the days of accomplishing for steaming hot meals at a point just above my head. The drawers make it really simple to lift out hot meals securely or to achieve in and cook meals without needing to pull it out on the counter.


2. Drawers, period. Drawers make use of cabinets. If I am trying to make dinner in a hurry, I do not wish to spend 10 minutes on my hands and knees fishing round bottom shelf for the right pot.

Drawers imply you can utilize every inch of your cabinet space efficiently. The pins in those drawers keep dishes from slipping when launching and closing the drawers.

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And drawers can hold nearly anything. I love drawers for keeping supplies under the kitchen sink. Do not you hate fishing about for a cleaning product behind the garbage disposal?

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3. Soft sheen rather than superb glow. Leathered, honed or flamed granite provides a low sheen, and also the feel feels good under your hands. These finishes are outpacing highly polished surfaces in popularity.


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4. Backsplashes to the rise. Backsplashes are going up — all the way up to the base of the upper cabinets. And just when you think they have stopped scaling, they go right on up into the ceiling.

5. Fewer upper cabinets. To preserve a feeling of open space, more people are reducing the number of upper cabinets in their kitchens.

To produce this work, utilize pullout drawers in your base cabinets to optimize storage…

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… and incorporate floor-to-ceiling cupboard cabinets for additional storage.

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6. Solid-surface backsplashes. We’re searching for kitchens which are easier to keep clean. Solid surfaces are easier to wipe down than grouted tile. I think we are also searching for a calm and uncluttered look. Taking the backsplash all of the way up into the wall cabinets accomplishes that in 1 manner, but utilizing a solid surface with no seam lines — or only a few — supplies a very sleek look. This custom-made smooth concrete backsplash has a subtle feel for visual appeal, but the feel isn’t deep, so it is easy to clean.

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Natural stone is just another great alternative for a sleek and seamless backsplash. The colour of the chocolate-toned marble adds warmth and interest for this particular white kitchen. It’s a terrific natural element that adds a natural feel. You still must seal the rock onto a backsplash, however because it doesn’t take as much punishment since the counter, upkeep isn’t much of an issue .

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Contemporary kitchens aren’t the only ones which look stunning with a rock slab for a backsplash. The mellow feel of honed marble offers a timeless feel while being completely current.

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I usually think about a back-painted glass backsplash as part of a very contemporary kitchen, but viewing it paired with traditional cabinetry tells me it is catching on.

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7. Wine fridges. Compact wine fridges make it feasible to keep your wine at precisely the right temperature and handy for your parties. If you do not have a wine cellar, a wine fridge mounted in your cabinets is the next best thing.

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8. Functional task channels. Anything which can help us stay organized and handle jobs efficiently is a real bonus for the families. In this niche, the essentials for breakfast are in 1 place beside the fridge, making it a cinch to get breakfast ready. And it gets concealed behind the lift-up doorway.

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9. Upper cabinets to the ceiling. Here is another extreme with upper cabinets: Running them all the way into the ceiling. Utilize those cabinets at the top to keep those items that just come out at Thanksgiving. Or …

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… put glass panels in the doors and lights inside and appreciate displaying accessories while maintaining them dust-free.

Inform me: What kitchen trends do you think are on the way?

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