Wondering what you can do in order to make a particularly unique space? Look no farther than accessories. Unusual finds, art work and even knickknacks can pull a look together and provide an eye-catching detail that is going to have the entire room speaking.

When scouting accessories, first search for something that you love. If you are aiming to actually set your distance apart, search things with a little quirk that will keep a wandering eye lingering with interest. Have a look at this selection of photographs featuring clever accessories that render each room with new sign of whimsy.

Webber + Studio, Architects

Scour your flea markets or antique stores for cool finds like this classic gas pump. Its juxtaposition within this modern home balances the look with a touch of the eclectic.

MusaDesign Interior Design

It is doubtful that a soul will walk past this stairs rather than be drawn to this particular swimmer sculpture. It not only uses the oft forgotten-about space under the stairwell, but it matches it with an unexpected element.

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Ed Ritger Photography

Should you choose the disco ball from a 1970s roller rink and stick it over a chic setup like this one, you would be amazed at how well it interacts with this scheme. This work space only got a dose of character that does not feel something like the Brady Bunch.

Danenberg Design

Imagine how amazed you would be if you were enjoying a nice meal at this modern table, only to appear and find a little silver guy parachuting in the ceiling. It may be rare that individuals look above, but when they do, give them something to laugh about.

Bondanelli Design Group, Inc..

Accessorize an empty corner with an antique staircase heading into nowhere. You could even farther accessorize your attachment by putting quirky objects on each step.

It is amazing what uses discarded furniture may take on. Add classic whimsy to your area by hanging distressed windowpanes and linking your favorite poems or stories into the rails.

Dufner Heighes Inc

Who said plane accessories only belong in the skies? This modern dining area took an unexpected turn with the inclusion of a vibrant propeller.

It appears that dramatic accessories aren’t often found at the bathroom, but this sculpture creates a focal point that instantly catches the eye. In case you have the room, make it rewarding by accessorizing it in an interesting manner.

Archipelago Hawaii Luxury Home Designs

Rather than buying the normal towel rack, get smart with a boat paddle. All you actually need is a flat piece you can drape towels fold or over them on. Should you use your imagination you are guaranteed to think of something clever.

Elias Kababie

It appears counterintuitive to accessorize a window by hanging a large piece of art directly facing it, but it works in a bedroom if you are vying for additional privacy. Rather than relying only on the sheer drape, this assemblage of interconnected Vitra Algues provides the entire room feel and leaves the windows feel to be an art screen.

You may have originally looked at your spouse’s collection of superhero figurines and wondered precisely how you can sneak them from the house without anyone noticing. Instead, honor the set and your layout sense by exhibiting it. The playfulness of these figurines adds a lighthearted appeal to this more modern living room, and guests will get a nostalgic kick anytime they visit.

Add flair to your mantle by accessorizing it with entertaining bags or tapestries. Hide candies inside of them to reward curious investigators with a candy treat.

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