Onion (Allium cepa) comes, called shirts, use the sun to perform photosynthesis to form the onion. Unharmed onion shirts wither and fall over once the bulbs are ready for harvest. If the shirts are broken away, the onion bulb stops growing and will need to be harvested immediately or dug up and thrown out.

Harvesting Onions With Broken Tops

Hoeing, weeding and pets can break the tops off of a onion bulb and stop the arc from growing bigger. These bulbs will be smaller compared to onions which can develop the full season with their tops attached. Onions grown from sets or a plant can be utilized as green onions in case the shirts were broken away 30 days following planting. Onions grown from seed can be utilized as green onions 40 to 50 days after planting. These green onions won’t store well, so use them straight away. Onions with shirts damaged prior to reaching the green onion stage ought to be dug up and thrown out.

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