Crown molding can be the perfect way to add class and value to your home. The great thing about crown molding is the fact that it costs very little and doesn’t take a lot of time to install. You don’t even need to be a professional carpenter for this. With a simple DIY guide, you can install the molding and transform your home’s interior for the better.

This would perhaps be the most important piece of vinyl siding Fort Collins, CO you will ever install and here are some steps to follow:

Tools and Materials

Before you start working, you will need some tools and a few supplies for the job. The first thing is the crown molding. You can buy these materials at your local hardware store anytime. You will also need an electric nail gun and an electric compound miter saw. This will help you cut the molding into shape and attach it to position. Get a stud finder and a ladder too.

Cutting Crown Molding

Although it’s possible to use a manual miter box and saw to cut the molding, it’s often better to use the electric meter saw. This will add to the precision of the cuts. The molding is also best cut on a 45-degree angle. Don’t put it flat on the table or against the fence. A straight horizontal or vertical position will affect the accuracy and the precision of the cuts.

There are also some tips to keep in mind as you cut the inside corners. An inside corner will ideally be inward facing at a 45-degree angle. For the left side corner, you must miter at a 45-degree angle on the right side of the molding. Do the same for the right corner but make sure the cut is on the left side of the molding.

Crown Molding Installation

Once the molding is cut into precise cuttings, it’s now time to make the installation. This is the most important part of the siding contractors Fort Collins, CO. Start by flipping the molding over so that it stands upright. Take the ladder that you already have, mount it and place the molding on the wall. Sometimes this might be a two or three man job. If you can get someone to help, things will move quicker.

The crown must form a 45-degree angle against the wall and the ceiling. Make sure this is achieved when you install. Once the molding is in place, use the electric nail gun in your toolbox to drive in brad nails. The nails need to be driven right through the crown inside the walls. If you want to make sure the crowns are strongly attached, you can use wall studs instead of nails. Either way, both will work. Most of the time, the crown molding will not neatly cover every inch of the wall. The two pieces will need to be stitched a little bit in the corners. You can use a scarf joint to get this done.

Well, these are the simple tips you can explore to install crown molding. As you can see, this is quite easy siding repair Fort Collins, CO for anyone to do.