I had been having a conversation recently with a client about beds. She stated she felt a bed looks nude if it does not have anything at the foot end to anchor it. I wondered if other people thought that also. I love furniture. Any opportunity I see in a room to place something pretty, I’m game. However, the furniture pieces are the ones which are both pretty and functional.

The foot of the bed can be a high-traffic area. Occasionally there are space constraints, and other situations the foot of the bed is like a lane to destinations beyond the bedroom, like the toilet. Consider your room, then have a look at these furnishings to get new foot-of-the-bed style.

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Trunk. Whether you have junk in your trunk or just are nostalgic about old-school storage fashions, a trunk may be for you personally. Dual-functioning trunks are fantastic for extra blankets or as makeshift tables.

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Tea table. The petite table looks perfectly put in front of this beautiful bed. A little table provides surface area for accessories, picture frames or new flowers. I believe a table this size works best with a footboard.

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Low bench. A reduced bench is one of the more common furniture pieces utilized at the foot of a bed. A normal seat height to get a low sitting bench is 17 to 19 inches. A thin thickness of about 16 to 20 inches is greatest. An upholstered or wooden bench is the perfect place to tie shoelaces or throw a blanket.


Desk or dressing table. If you’re space constrained and could use a desk, then think about the foot of the bed. There are pieces that function as a desk plus a dressing table in one. Attempt to locate a bit with an open space beneath so a stool can be neatly tucked under.

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Two-chair sitting place. Two chairs not just look fantastic, but of course supply a comfy area for kicking up your feet or studying a book. OK, full disclosure: I have been known to throw clothes on a seat as a temporary hamper.

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Love chair. Similar to the two-chair sitting area, a love seat makes a cozy atmosphere for sitting, studying and, best of all, napping. Visually, a love seat can read as a footboard and can be coordinated with bedding.

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Stools. Two stools at the foot of a bed that is smaller feel refreshing and enjoyable. A stool can be picked up more easily than a bench or love seat, so this is a good alternative if you require extra seats in your bedroom.

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TV cupboard. Many people love to watch TV in bed; others have a rigorous no-TV rule in the bedroom. TV cabinets at the foot of a bed can be configured using elevator mechanics so the TV is lifted up by distant — a fantastic space-saving alternative, but it can be expensive.

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Space divider. When you have a loft or studio flat, here’s a great-looking idea to make distinct spaces employing the foot of a bed as a dividing point. Insert a slick console with lighting and place a seating area on the other side.

Oversize footboard. Take a nice big footboard. Footboards can feel normal and a little formal. They work best in the event that you have room to spare, since they do take up more room.


Luggage caddy. When you have a guest room, it’s really nice to have a folding luggage caddy for guests at the foot of their bed. If your guests are gone, you are able to fold it and tuck it away under the bed or in the closet.

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Dog bed. I love my puppy, but I am not a dog-on-the-bed individual. My faithful chocolate Lab sleeps at the foot of their bed every night, where he can keep me in sight. In the morning I tuck his bed under my bed. He is happy; I’m happy.

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