Yukon Gold is a developed potato selection, recognized because of its skin and flesh. After being produced in Canada, it had been released but grows in hotter climates. A well-known fresh-market range gold is particularly well-suited to soup, salads and baking. Yukon gold potatoes mature rapidly, making it an early-season crop.

When to Plant

Just like the majority of vegetables, planting instances rely more about the real problems in the backyard than dates on the calendar. Yukon Gold is a range, capable to withstand light frost, but it will not fare well in soil that is cool. This signifies in a location such as the San Francisco Bay area, where frost to be about the safe side or, usually happens, early February. In other areas of the region, planting may need to wait until as late as May or April.

Planting Methods

In regards to planting the main limiting factor is dampness. They might rot in the floor before they’ve a chance in case you plant potatoes in moist, water-logged soil. Wait until the soil is dry enough to work with before planting potatoes in the event the soil in your backyard is also damp in the period. Yukon Gold matures rapidly, therefore late planting generally does not result in a a crop that is a lower.

Planting Methods

Potatoes sprout in the “eyes” to the potato itself, therefore smaller Yukon Gold potatoes may be planted complete, or bigger potatoes could be cut-up and planted in sections. Plant the seeds about 6″ deep, 8 to 10″ apart. From poking out from the ground, which could cause greening the crop is prevented by planting 6″ deep, and planting close-together stops potatoes that are over sized with hearts that are hollow.

Harvesting and Storage

Although it is possible to wait for greater potatoes, Yukon Gold potatoes will be ready to harvest 85 to 3 months after planting. The vines commence to dieoff a-T 90 to 100 times, which will be a sign that the crop is ready to harvest. Yukon gold on average generates five to eight potatoes per plant. Once harvested, Yukon Gold potatoes retailer relatively properly, with sprouting. Avoid tough managing, and shop them in a large-humidity location. As they may possibly be inclined to storage rot discard bruised potatoes.

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