You do not have to go as far as Ireland to have a glimpse of the Emerald Isle. As an alternative to crossing the ocean, it is possible to experience the luck of the Irish by developing easyto-root shamrocks in your home or in the event that your home is in Sunset Climate Zone 1 or over, it is possible to grow them in your backyard too. Shamrocks are indigenous woodland crops in several states, and are of the genus Oxalis.

Fill an 8 oz. Flower pot having a good- quality.

Place three to five shamrock tubers or root cuttings in the pot around one to two inches deep. It is possible to obtain tubers or root cuttings from it in the event you currently have a shamrock plant. To do so, gently loosen the grime around its roots and appear for the carrot-shaped bulbs or tubers to them. Remove some of those from the plant before repotting the unique in soil that is clean. Choose one a size bigger in the event the original has outgrown its container. With potting mix, cover the tubers you’ve got planted.

Place the plant in a north window as its flowers will wither in bright-light, or where it can not receive sunlight. Keep the soil moist. It’s going to take 2 to 30 days ahead of your plant starts to sprout and still another 10 months before blooms seem.

Use a hole to be created by the backyard shovel one to two inches deep in a shady location if you’re planting the outside that is shamrocks. Place three to five tubers in this hole, then cover with garden soil. Moisten the soil after planting.

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