Left to their own products, nails trigger minor bulges marring the – area that is sleek. The best time to take care with this is painting on the nail to start with. However, in the event that you discover nail bulges on the surface of a wall that is painted, it isn’t too late to resolve the issue. When the dry wall panel shifts ages called pops, these nail heads seem.

Drive dry wall screws to the wall close to the nailhead to repair a nail pop. Drive one screw in the other an inch as well as an inch over the nail below. This secures the dry wall that is shifting. These additional screws are not required, if you are preparing a wall for its first coat of paint.

Tap the nail-head gently using a hammer to push it just just beneath the the top of dry wall. Tap them the same way, in the event that you added dry wall screws. Without breaking most of the way, create a dimple in the dry wall.

Fill screws with dry wall or joint compound and the dimples on the nail-head. Smooth a little amount of the compound to the dimples using a putty knife. Allow it to dry. Add another coat to fill the dimples completely if required, and permit it to dry at the same time.

Sand the dry wall patch with 120-grit sandpaper. Wipe the area using a moist sponge to eliminate the dirt. Allow the wall.

A wall permit it to dry in line with the maker directions and primer to the the location. Paint on the region with wall paint.

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