The the outside housing throughout the the system can rust and deteriorate over time, although outdoor HVAC models are a guy best friend during warm summer months. In the event that you would like to re-paint your device to renew the the outside of your investment, this house improvement project can be completed by you within an afternoon. A new coat of paint can make your HVAC device seem brand new.

Purchase equipment spray-paint at your neighborhood hardware store or garden and home center. Choose an equipment spray-paint which is made for the the outside and carefully matches your HVAC device that is existing. With respect to the dimensions of your device, you might need two cans of spraypaint.

Turn the HVAC device off by turning off your air-conditioner in the thermostat. There is no need as you don’t have to to dis-assemble the the machine. 30 to 90 minutes are taken by the task, therefore pick a day when it is possible to go without air conditioning for this amount of time.

Wipe the the top of HVAC unit using a moist rag. Use mild detergent and a scrub brush to wipe away dead bugs and chicken droppings. Allow the the system to dry totally.

Mask off hoses and electronics, the enthusiast with plastic sheeting and painter’s tape. Do not protect any portion of the HVAC device that you intend to paint. Plastic sheeting to the the outside wall of the home supporting the unit.

Equipment that is spray paint on the the outside of the the system. Stand roughly 18-inches a way from your HVAC device for the coverage that is finest. Use mild, strokes that are continuous, hence the paint does not drip or clump. Allow the first coat of paint to dry for 3-0 minutes. Apply another coat of paint and permit it to dry. Remove the tape and plastic sheeting of the painter.

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