Getting rid of empty cans and junk mail is an easy process for most of us, at least at the U.S. — dump everything to the all-materials recycling bin and, magically, the city does the rest. For others, getting those recyclables sorted — and from the kitchen — is a hassle, involving unattractive storage containers, material confusion and flat-out absence of distance.

If your current home recycling channel just isn’t cutting it, then it may be time for you to give it a makeover. Whether you opt to merely swap out your bags or old bins for fine new versions — or splurge on smart built-ins — you’re in good company: A poll from the American Institute of Architects revealed that 40 percent of homeowners are now carving out more room for recycling.

So this season as Arbor Day and Earth Day roster round, it may be time to get serious about that paper and plastic. These eye-catching containers and hidden storage solutions can allow you to reach those go-green fantasies — and they seem good, also.


Out with all the cleaning materials and in with all the recycling bins. Because of the convenient under-the-sink place of these pullout containers, you can’t possibly overlook them. It is the perfect combo: simple access with no eyesore.

These cheap buckets, paired with interesting tags by Sarah from Sarah Hearts, work great for smaller households (and are fine to check at). Download the labels for free here.

Pottery Barn

Kendall Recycling Bin – $139

This cable rolling bin allows for simple sorting and hauling, while its on-trend design makes it a wonderful kitchen or mudroom addition.

Colorado Space Solutions

If space in the kitchen is an issue, relocate bulky containers to your garage and garnish with a pullout drawer and smallish bins. This setup keeps everything reachable while freeing up your own kitchen to get more relevant jobs.


Recycling Center – $49.99

Take advantage of vertical distance with this spirited stacked recycling centre. The vivid colours are fun, although the closable lids and side handles make transport easy.

When no additional container makes the cut, get creative and make your own, like Chris from ManMade did here using corrugated plastic. For under $25, it is possible to make just-right bins to fit closely in a pantry, cupboard or tight kitchen corner.

Robin Rigby Fisher CMKBD/CAPS

Avoid bulky recycling bins completely by installing a recycle chute. This smart contraption simplifies the procedure, even though it will not sort your plastics out of your glass.

If you’re looking for a fast DIY project, create a little bin for junk email and old magazines. Jacqueline from Simple Home Life used a pallet, wheels, stencils and paint to create this one-of-a-kind crate.

Distinctive Design / Build / Remodel, LLC.

For those with a oversize drawer to spare, these all round containers can allow you to fill the distance. The bins are small, however, so expect frequent treks to your larger bins outside.


Gaiam Folding Recycling Bags – $14

Even though they may not seem like much, these colorful, inexpensive bags guarantee a stress-free recycling procedure. They are simple to wash, labeled by substances and really easy to move outdoors when complete.


Three-Compartment Step-On Recycling Bin, 11.8 Gallons – $103.93

For people who love the stainless steel appearance, this three-in-one bin may fit right into a sleek metallic kitchen. The color-coded pedals help differentiate the substances, and every bin lifts out separately for a fast grab-and-go.

Tall glass architecture

Make going green a habit by placing the recycling bin next to the trash can. This terrific recycling pulse has an integrated compost drawer paired with a pullout trash can and a overall recycling drawer. It makes for simple cleanup without taking up precious floor space.


Commercial Zone Recycle55 Pearl Recycling Bin, 27.5 Gallons – $279.99

When size trumps look, this one takes the cake. It can save an impressive variety of cans and bottles, which means fewer trips from the large bin.

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