However many times you work on your residence, there always appears to be a couple of things which are never entirely repaired. Squeaky floors and sticky doors are on that list. They’re annoying, but not quite annoying enough to call a handyman at the first indication of trouble. Atlanta builder Clark Harris of Innovative Building shared his tips for fixing these doors and flooring yourself.

If you have a doorway which rubs against the top of your doorjamb:
Try taking out the screw at the top hinge that attaches the door into the jamb. Locate a longer screw — roughly 2.5 inches — and then screw it through the hole at the hinge and to the jamb. Keep tightening the screw so it goes into the framing from the wall and then tightens the doorway so it won’t rub against the jamb anymore.

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Irritating floor squeaks generally happen when the subfloor separates from the floor joists. The claws that attach these two bits start to squeak as they slip in and out of the joists. They key is to re-attach the subfloor to the joists, but it differs based on what kind of flooring you’re dealing with.

If your wrought iron floor is squeaking: Try nailing a finish nail — a nail little if any head — throughout the carpet and to the ground at which it squeaks. Take a flooring nail set (or utilize another nail) and hammer the finish nail to the subfloor.

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If your hardwood floor is squeaking: If the area below the floor is unfinished (such as in a basement), you can resolve the squeak by working on it from underneath the flooring. Go down into your cellar and find the squeak on the floor above you. Add a shim (a wedge of wood) where the subfloor is rubbing against the joist, and fill in the region with a strong glue (such as liquid nails) to maintain the bit in place.

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