Like it or not, insects are a constant feature in our lives, whether they come in the form of cute butterflies and bees that go around enjoying flowers, or pesky flies and mosquitos whose very existence can be hard to understand sometimes. But understand them you must, especially if you want to learn how to control them.

Here are some tips on how to do pest control Chandler AZ for 10 of the most common insects that trouble households around the world.


Most ants are happy to keep their colony at a respectable distance from your house, and will only ‘visit’ to collect food to replenish their stores. However, some ant varieties like the odorous house ant, have the audacity to actually build their encampment in your house because they couldn’t be bothered to move around collecting food from afar. The best way of getting rid of this type of ant once and for all is to find and eliminate their queen. The rest will soon follow.   


Let’s face it, bees are not all that bad. They make us honey and have an interesting look that makes them a joy to watch when they’re flying around – outside. However, the problem comes when they decide to come indoors and make camp in your house. The only way to get rid of them when they do this is to call a pest control Chandler professional, as handling bees with inexperienced hands can lead to some nasty sting bites.

Bed Bugs

While bed bugs continue to grow in size, controlling them is not that hard. All you have to do is change your linen and bedding regularly, and thoroughly clean your rooms every day to avoid the buildup of dust and grime. Annual deep cleaning of your beds, sofas, and pillows is not a bad idea either.


To prevent cockroaches from coming and breeding in your house, keep all food items firmly sealed and maintain your kitchen in mint condition while making sure to remove any food crumbs on the counters, floors, and cabinets. However, if they become a problem, call on your local pest control professional to exterminate them skillfully.


To prevent flies from coming into your house, refrain from leaving food items like meat to rot outside, and keep your kitchen and all food-related areas clean. Don’t allow damp areas where mold can form to occur either, as this can attract flies as well.


With termites, it’s best to be on the safe side and call on professional Chandler pest control for help, because if you try to do it yourself and fail, you might risk losing your entire house as they have the ability to destroy an entire structure once their colonies grow.


Remove ticks with tweezers by pulling upward with a steady and calm grasp, and then once you’ve removed it, clean the affected areas as well as your hands with iodine scrub or rubbing alcohol.

Fruit Flies

As the name implies, fruit flies love fruit, especially if it’s rotting. So to prevent them from coming to your house, avoid leaving out overripe fruit on the counters or in your fridge and kitchen cabinets, and eat your fruit promptly to prevent attracting them.  


The most common thing that attracts mosquitoes to any home is the presence of standing water. They love warmth and moisture, so if you don’t have any leaks or rain spouts where standing water might occur, then you’ll be safe from them.


To prevent spiders from becoming unwelcome guests in your home, make sure to periodically check outdoor furniture and toys for any signs of spider webs and their eggs, and then remove them immediately to prevent further growth.