While I fantasize about owning a home , I often consider locating some magical fixer-upper with stunning wooden doors throughout the home. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent a lot of years living in rentals with cheap hollow-core doors. Some may dream about kitchen islands or clawfoot bathtubs, but I’m in love with hardwood doors, unpainted so that you can appreciate their natural wood grain. See what I mean.

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Claudio Ortiz Design Group, Inc..

The top of the wooden door adds to its allure. I picture this doorway to a bedroom in a sweet New England cottage.

Chang + Sylligardos Architects

This sliding wood door is far more than a functional way to separate the dining area from the living space. It is a element in the space. The dark wood along with the paned glass add tons of character.

Narofsky Architecture + ways2design

I really like this idea. The sliding wood door is constructed from unstained reclaimed wood, and it is put against a wall paneled with the same reclaimed wood. So this window doorway blends in, making the wall and door seem like one visual element.

Van Wicklen Design

This unstained wood door has been custom-built and inspired by barn doors. It seems less like a barn door as it is hinged to the doorway instead of being a sliding door.

Tip: Furniture manufacturer Cliff Spencer is 1 source for getting your very own custom-built hardwood barn door.


This is my dream door: a rustic barn-inspired door (that slips!) In a modern, updated space. This sliding barn door adds personality and a rustic contemporary style to the space. A conventional white door in this room would have looked ho-hum.

Hint : Barn doors which run from floor to ceiling make the ceilings look taller, similar to curtains that are hung just below the ceiling and graze the ground.

This Dutch door adds country charm into the space. And opening the top of the door retains the kitchen from feeling isolated and provides more of a open floor-plan feel.

Redbud Custom Homes

French doors are often white, but here’s a good instance of doors that are French doors. The dark wood makes the doors stand out.

Colleen Brett

What a welcoming entrance! The dark wood of the door contrasts with the light colours in the hall. I really like the way a lot of panes of glass allow in so much lighting.

The rich dark wood and architectural detail on these wood doors is not something you find every day. Contrasting from the white trimming, these doors make a statement.

Weaver Custom Homes

These sliding wood doors open the living space of the house and complement the hardwood floors. What a dramatic entrance to a space!

Browse door design photos

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