The miniature rose (Rosa chinensis) is various rose bush that is bred to increase less than 2-feet tall when mature. These small variations of the traditional rosebush make desirable additions to nearly any area in the house. Like their full-sized cousins roses need a constant supply of moisture but do badly when their roots are continually soaked in water. Caring for the miniature rose’s water requirements starts with all the container where it’s developing.

Fill a little tray with little rocks or pebbles. Use pebbles that are enough to produce an even area within the the tray. Place your miniature rose along with the pebbles.

Pour bottled water or rainwater straight in the pot in addition to the soil. Add enough water to completely soak the soil in the planter. Allow the extra water to run out the hole in the underside of the planter and to the tray. As this encourages fungus to develop, avoid leaves.

Keep water in the tray all the time. This permits the water to evaporate immediately beneath the rose, providing some additional dampness to the plant.

Push your finger to the soil in the pot if watering is required by it to check. It’s time to time to completely soak the plant roots, when you’re able to feel soil into a depth of 1-inch.

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