A permanent mark makes a useful tool, until its ink strays onto your pine table surface. Whether the ink bled through the paper or your kids decided to pull a paperless picture, the ink will quickly adhere to the wood’s surface once the two come in touch. Numerous methods exist to remove the ink from the camel, a few of which show more potent than many others. Start with the most benign methods first to prevent causing unwanted damage to a pine table finish throughout the course of removing the mark.

Place a piece of paper towel over the permanent marker ink immediately upon making the mark about the pine timber. Press the paper towel onto the wood to get up as much of the ink as you can from the camel.

Squeeze a dime-sized drop of standard toothpaste onto a rag. Wipe the toothpaste into the timber over top the mark. Go the rag back and forth gently across the stain, then following the wood’s grain.

Rinse all toothpaste from the rag with clean water. Dip the rag in soapy water and ring it over a sink to remove any dripping water. Wipe the toothpaste deposits from the pine table with the rag. Dry the tabletop with a dry rag.

Spray or dab olive oil onto the permanent marker stain, covering its surface completely, if the mark ink is still visible on the table. Press a piece of plastic wrap over the oil-covered stain. Allow the oil sit for five minutes to penetrate the ink.

Dip a rag in soapy water. Ring out any excess moisture from the rag in order that it stays damp but not dripping wet. Pull the plastic wrap off of the table and discard it in a trash bin. Wipe the oil from the table top with the rag.

Place 1 to 2 tablespoons of rottenstone powder in a plastic container, if the mark ink is still visible on the table. Add two to three drops of boiled linseed oil, lemon oil or sewing machine oil into the powder. Stir the substances together with a plastic spoon. Add additional oil if needed, one drop at a time to form a thick paste.

Dip a corner of a soft cloth into the rottenstone glue. Rub the paste lightly and gently onto the table over top the permanent mark. Move the cloth in precisely the same way as the wood’s grain. Stop rubbing the timber immediately after the mark disappears from the timber.

Spray a timber polish onto the pine table surface, if the mark ink is still visible on the table. Rub the polish into the timber with a soft cloth.

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