Clustered accent chairs, from wing-back chairs to club chairs, provide alternative seating to the sofa in a living room. You can also place groups of accent chairs to replace the sofa, accompanied by round tables, square tables, coffee tables and ottomans of sizes. Accent chairs can flank architectural features, like a fireplace or bay window. And sets of opposing accent chairs pair with small end tables to form seating places which encourage conversation. Three accent chairs in sizes that are shocking establish a distinctive triad installation, whereas four chairs produce a cosy conversation nook.

Accent Chairs and Round Tables

Whether you place the accent chairs in the middle of the room or on both sides of a fireplace or window, they’re **balanced** by a round, low accent table or a round coffee table. Turn wing-back chairs **inward** to encourage conversation, particularly when they flank a bay window and have a circular table in between. A round table to a huge area rug provides a center point for opposing club chairs, as does a collection of small, square ottomans in the middle of the cluster.

Accent Chairs and Big Ottomans

To build a **cosy seating area**, utilize accent chairs to surround a large, square or round ottoman, which controls attention, particularly in a den without a sofa. A bright ottoman in a contrasting shade adds dash with accent chairs featuring a variety of gray or neutral colours with undertones that complement the ottoman. By adding chairs of **different styles** from the grouping, you add curiosity — however, the arrangement may be **unified** by a couple of accent chairs in the same style or color.

Accent Chairs and Coffee Tables

Used instead of a sofa, and positioned in pairs opposite one another, accent chairs **balance** square or rectangular coffee tables, providing an optimal furniture arrangement for fun. Whether you utilize chairs in the same style or various sets of matching chairs, then grouping the accent chairs around a coffee table in a symmetrical way brings harmony to the room. A rectangular coffee table accommodates five chairs — two chairs at the ends and a bigger seat in the middle, leaving room for 2 stools on the opposite side of the table

Accent Chairs to Balance the Room

Accent chairs work well with small end tables. Consider three accent chairs, positioning a bigger chair at the middle and setting it further back in others to form a **triad**. With end tables in between, the chairs form their own unit before a fireplace with a TV. When a lengthy room contains a sofa and loveseat, a group of three small accent chairs balances the room.

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