There are occasions when you just can not get enough of the outdoors — particularly from the dead of winter. Rather than waiting for a warm, sunny day, bring a spring into your home. Let’s cure our Cabin Fever with ideas inspired by the outdoors that work indoors too. — Mari from Small For Huge

Kate Jackson Design

The proof is in the picture — this kiddo enjoys having a swing indoors, and so do I! It provides the “play” into playroom.


Plastic Grass Mats – $34.90

What’s the best approach to bring the outdoors in? Add some grass. These plastic grass tiles would be the perfect response.


Ikea PS Svinga Hanging Seat – $69.99

If you’re able to get into an Ikea, this kid-sized swing is ideal for the indoors. I have the larger version, and the shape prevents it from swinging as wide as a regular swing, which makes it safer. Additionally, it’s comfortable.


Perch! – Plantorb – $120

I can not bring the outdoors in without some plants. Store them in a contemporary planter like this; not only does it look great, but it will keep grabby toddlers away!

Fat Brain Toys

Wheely Bug – $69.99

My girl loves ladybugs, and we love our WheelyBug. With this roller coaster, we could get our adorable bug fix year round, even on the darkest, dreariest days.


Hut Hut By Kalon Studios – $125

Rockin’ and rollin’ is a lot easier for me to stomach when it’s on a rocker as contemporary and kick-arse as this one. Additionally, it is available in gorgeous wood.

Magic Cabin

Wooden Horse Swing – $99

I wish we’d had this cute wooden swing when my daughter was younger. It looks as though it belongs in a natural setting, unlike those ubiquitous plastic toddler swings you see everywhere.


VIRRE garnish with Ladder and Guard Rail – $149

This wooden wonder is super classic (rather than created of nasty primary-colored vinyl). It. Score!


I Would like to Ride My Bicycle Small Screenprint by Monorail Studio – $12

My 3 year old was saying this specific phrase all of the time recently: “I want to ride my bike.”

Magic Cabin

Handmade Bamboo Stools – $59.98

I’d choose the plain choice, but boy, a toadstool is a fairly awesome find for a child’s room. I’d really like to visit a couple paired with a really modern white crafting table.


Silly Soft Seating, Tias by P’kolino – $49

What is springtime with no adorable frog? This plush pal is oversized and furniture pal all in one. I can listen to my daughter today, “Froggy, I looooves you.”

Generate Design

Tau Seesaw – $799

This seesaw is a handmade wonder. When we had a play space, a gorgeous seesaw like this are the ideal pièce de résistance.


Löva Bed Canopy – $14.99

Ikea’s leaf canopy is still the best approach to bring some bright green jungle time into your boring old children’ room. These items are large; I only want to snuggle underneath it with a pile of my woman’s favorite novels (and her!) .

G H Design

Grass Ottoman by G H Design

This artificial grass ottoman is exhilarating enough to inspire an whole playroom.

Magic Cabin

Silk Fantasy Bowers – $99

When I was a kid, my favorite thing to do was build temples out of blankets, or branches out. This canopy combines the best of the two, with a lot less fuss.


Power Off Printing by Laura George – $20

I want to take care of this poster more often, let us all “turn off the computer and go outside!”


Fairy Tale Garden Tin – $14

Children love seeds and plants anyway, but this kit carries it to another level: Fairy Tale seeds based on your favorite fairy tales! What a way to bring a story to life.

Jennifer Bishop Design

There are loads of picture tipis out there today, but I really like seeing how folks integrate them into a genuine room. This tipi looks so comfy!


Sunny Day, Cloudy Day – $22

Need some sunshine on your life? I’m betting these brightly colored puzzles will add just the correct dose.

Magic Cabin

Hand Carved Footstools – $49.98

Beautiful flowers that will blossom yearlong, these hand-carved stools can add a little whimsy. I wonder if they would work in the bathroom by the sink?

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