It’s November, and new calendars from some of my favourite musicians and graphic designers are rolling off the presses. I don’t know about you, but that I can never limit myself to just one. I “want” one for your kitchen, beside my desk, at the entryway — fairly soon I wind up with a stack of extra calendars with no house! That is okay though, because beautiful artwork calendars make ideal last-minute presents, so I always keep several stashed away for gift exchanges and stuffing stockings. Listed below are 20 of my favorites. Enjoy! — Laura from Lolalina


2012 Calendar by Linotte – GBP 12

This limited edition calendar from artist Anke Weckmann features prints of her original illustrations on matte paper. Her whimsical, colorful style is loved by me.


2012 Letterpress Calendar from INK+WIT – $44

I’ve been a lover of INK+WIT founder Tara Hogan for lots of years now, and the brand new 2012 letterpress calendar is definitely going on my wishlist! Called “Into the Calm,” it features gorgeous soft shades of grey teaming up with mustard-y yellow. The bonus is that it is possible to trim it and framework each page as an artwork print when the year is finished.


2012 Calendar by Catherine Campbell – $20

If fashion and textile examples catch your fancy, you will love this calendar from Melbourne-based illustrator Catherine Campbell. The postcard-size webpages are perfect for sprucing up a small office area.


Birds Poster Calendar 2012 from Enna – $15

I adore the wood-grain numbers and stylized birds on this giant poster-size calendar from Enna at Germany. I believe this could work really nicely as a family calendar because you’re able to observe the whole year in advance.


Mincing Mockingbird 2012 Calendar by Mincing Mockingbird – $13.99

Matt Adrian is the artist behind the popular store The Mincing Mockingbird, and his brand new calendar for 2012 is full of beautifully reproduced prints of the original bird paintings. The colors he uses are simply fantastic.


2012 Calendar by Irena Sophia – $20

Are ingenious examples your cup of tea? Well then, I’ve just the thing! The calendar from Croatian artist Irena Sophia is packed with luscious, humorous images to inspire.


2012 12 Month Calendar by Leah Duncan – $32

Artist Leah Duncan from Austin, Texas has produced a stunning limited edition calendar for 2012 featuring her nature-inspired art. This one could make a lovely gift.


2012 Calendar – Wall Art from Bookhou at Home – $20

If you’re looking for something a bit different, this linen calendar from Bookhou fits the bill perfectly. It feels somewhat natural and pastoral, but it’s still really complicated.

Buy Olympia

Nikki McClure – Inherit: 2012 Wall Calendar – $16

Nikki McClure’s art has been a favorite in my house since my son has been born and we received among her children’s novels as a gift. Most of us adore her style, which is reminiscent of Japanese wood-block prints, and the single word messages on her calendars are all rich with meaning.


2012 Wall Calendar from Amy Marcella – $24

Midwestern artist Amy Marcella’s 2012 calendar comes with a picture, botanically inspired print on each page that is slender. Each print can be trimmed and trimmed while the month is finished, which means you might have quite a set of new artwork by year’s end!


2012 Crested Shield Calendar from The Paper Thieves – $29.50

Craving some fun with your calendar select this year? Try out this crested shield variant in The Paper Thieves. You might even use this as a quirky statement bit above your fireplace.

The Wild Unknown

2012 Calendar – Flowers & Feathers – $30

Oh, I’m completely smitten with this “Flowers & Feathers” calendar in The Wild Unknown. Breathtaking hand-drawn botanicals and feathers mix with snippets of song lyrics from greats such as Joni Mitchell and Cat Stevens.


2012 Calendar Mini Gallery/Kraft from deka-Animals – $30

Colorful and fun using folksy examples, this mini calendar from deka-Animals is sure to be a favorite — whether you tuck it into a stocking or store it on your own.


Cute Animal 2012 Calendar from Loopz – $14

I love the modern graphics on the Cute Animal Calendar in Loopz. Sure, it’s great for a child’s room, but it’s fresh and cheerful in a grownup’s office too.


2012 Calendar Paris by Little Brown Pen – $22

No other city inspires as much dreaming since Paris, and photographer/blogger Nichole of Little Brown Pen catches the beauty and mystery perfectly in her 2012 Paris Calendar. I know I need one!

Two Dot Two

Calendar 2012 DINA3 – EUR 20

This poster-size calendar from Two Dot Two could be amazing in a bedroom or other private space. I love how even the names of the months are hand-drawn.


2012 Calendar by Blanca Gómez – $25

Spanish artist Blanca Gómez generates the most delightful scenes and characters in a colorful, graphic design. Her new calendar could put a grin on my face each and every day.


2012 Calendar Feather White by Miles of Light – $15

Looking for something clean, crisp and contemporary? Look no further than this single-page calendar from Miles of Light. It sports one feather illustration on top and easy sans serif fonts, all in black and white.


2012 Wall Calendar from Le Papier Studio – $22

Le Papier Studio’s silhouette calendar is back for 2012! It features fresh, modern silhouettes on a single, elegant wall hanging.


2012 Geometric Calendar in Warm Grey/Yellow by Bold and Noble – $69

Graphic design studio Bold and Noble includes the most traditional, striking designs. Their screen-printed wall calendar features geometric patterns in mustard and gray, which makes it perfectly pleasing to both guys and gals.

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