More than a spoonful of moisture is directly injected in your home’s air during every shower. Otherwise ventilated properly, that moisture and also its possible mould and mildew can compromise your home’s indoor air quality and structural integrity. Fear not, however — these design techniques and tools can rid that moisture, leaving you breathing simple.

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Natural Ventilation With Operable Windows

Ventilating your bath is a two-fold approach of a tub fan and operable windows. Operable windows not only ventilate, but also supply design worth, views and natural daylight and also help balance the air pressure in your home.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

You should not be an extrovert to integrate windows into your bath. Shutters allow airflow and modesty to glow. Look for walls made from composite materials, rather than wood, that may hold up to the moist environment.

Tim Barber Ltd Architecture

This tub smartly uses hopper windows positioned well above eye level to attain natural lighting, privacy and ventilation.

Goforth Gill Architects

This tub has ample operable windows yet maintains privacy with obscured glass. Obscured glass comes in many different designs, such as etched, reeded or rain.


Look (up) to operable skylights for one more means to present natural light and exhaust moist air. If your skylight is out of arm’s reach, look at making its operation motorized to make certain you take advantage of its function.

Landmark Builders

A doorway from the bath to the exterior is a huge design move that also provides a great deal of fresh air. If you lack access to a walkable surface outside, you can still have doorways with a Juliet balcony a false balcony using a rail mounted just outside the doors.

WhisperGreen-Lite Ventilation Fan – $384

Exhaust Fans

However unsexy, mechanical ventilation via a bath fan is vital (and typically required by building codes) to properly remove moisture from the bath. Look for Energy Star models, which ensure that the unit is energy efficient, effective and silent. Panasonic’s Whisper show is my go-to to get silent and effective exhaust fans. The WhisperGreen goods are up to 871 percent more efficient than Energy Star criteria, and they detect both motion and humidity, automatically turning on when someone enters or leaves the space, or if high humidity is sensed.

Consult with a licensed mechanical contractor to be sure your bath fan is sized properly for your bath and that it’s properly calibrated to the exterior.

Leviton Decora Electronic Countdown Timer

Exhaust Fan Timers

Bath exhaust fans should remain on for a minumum of one hour after baths or showers to effectively remove excess moisture from the toilet, as moisture lingers in moist towels, tub mats as well as in your walls. A fan equipped with a timer can ensure the fan stays on as long as necessary to exhaust moisture. Be aware that lots of timers have a 30-minute limitation, therefore hit the switch another time when you depart the room.

Inform us : How do you maintain moisture and mildew at bay in your bathtub?

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