The door to your bedroom is that the “mouth” of chi — the energy which, according to the early practice of feng shui, flows through all living and nonliving things. You should keep the computer out of your master bedroom as it creates negative chi in the space; the bedroom is the place for rest and relaxation, not work. But in the event that you must keep the computer in your bedroom, then you’re still able to improve the flow of chi by implementing a couple of feng shui fundamentals.

Feng Shui Principles

Feng shui principles can help remove the blockages that inhibit the flow of life-affirming energy across the space. Translated to mean water and wind, feng shui has three primary principles which define it. The first principle is that everything — such as inanimate objects — is alive with energy and contains an uplifting and positive energy or a heavy negative energy or memory connected with it. The second principle states that everything is linked to everything else, while the third indicates that everything and everybody are in a state of constant flux and change.

Attractive Display

If you must have a computer in the master bedroom, then put it as far away from the bed as possible in its location. Don’t situate it so that your back is to the door, as this position hampers chi. At the end of the day, tidy up the work space and pull a bi-fold screen across the area to conceal it and make it more appealing, if you must have it in the room.

Yang Energy

Computers and televisions emit yang energy, not indicated to be used in a master bedroom in feng shui. If you must have these electronics, then set them in a cabinet or armoire that closes up and keeps them out of sight; be certain to unplug them at night. If that’s not acceptable, cover them with a thick cloth to block the yang energy when not in use. The master bedroom needs to have more feminine energy or yin, without mirrors or other water elements inside the room and lighter, softer colors.

The Refuge

In feng shui, the master bedroom — the sanctuary — is a place of refuge, a time from the hustle and bustle of modern life. To design the space with feng shui principles in mind, the foot of the bed shouldn’t ever face the door. The emphasis in the room should be on the man or few sleeping there. Avoid placing photographs of relatives or others in the master bedroom and keep it clutter free. Keep exercise equipment along with all kinds of active yang energy out of the master bedroom to get a more restful sleep.

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