We just can not seem to get enough of orange, especially as autumn rolls around, bringing together the pumpkin colors we associate with Halloween and Thanksgiving. Fall celebrations aside, red-orange colors are hot in fashion this season, as well as the color forecasters in Pantone have named Koi, a bold orange, as a leading color for fall 2013. Meanwhile the color experts at Sherwin-Williams are touting Raucous Orange, yet another zesty orange hue, as a top color for 2014.

There’s certainly no shortage of bold orange bedrooms on . I’ve gathered six glowing illustrations together with suggestions for how to use a similar hue in your bedroom.

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Orange is a fun, high heeled color, so it is a terrific hue to wake up to in the morning. Bold color both brings and distracts the eye. You may use color to listen to a element in a room by painting it, or just the area behind it, an eye-catching hue. To deemphasize something simply paint it the same color as the walls or other things that encircle it.

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Get a similar appearance with Ember’s Glow from Mythic Paint.

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If you want a more toned-down orange in your bedroom without going pastel, select an orange which has a fantastic piece of brown in it, like this coppery shade.

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Get a similar look with Hearty Orange from Sherwin-Williams.

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Or put the orange on your ceiling to actually draw the eye up. This is a great way to visually lower a tall ceiling, to make a cozy and intimate feeling. However, because this is such a vibrant hue, it also feels fresh and modern. The juicy color draws attention to the intriguing ceiling details.

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Get a similar appearance with Rumba Orange from Benjamin Moore.

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Orange pairs nicely with its analogous colors (the colors next to it on the color wheel), red and yellow. If you go for a bold orange, then use a pale yellow or light red (pink) to lighten things up while keeping the colour compatible.

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Get a similar appearance with Charlotte’s Locks from Farrow & Ball.

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This zesty orange hue is the perfect accent wall color in this bedroom. It packs a wallop but also functions as a nice background to the other intriguing elements. You are able to soften the effect of a bold accent wall by taking a cue from the sophisticated bedroom and operate in a fantastic number of white and other light neutrals.

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Get a similar appearance with Candied Yam from Behr.

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Remember that lots of wood tones read as pink. Therefore, in the event that you would like the warmth of crimson in your bedroom but desire a softer, more natural look, bring in orange-toned wood elements via flooring or ceiling cladding. You can also present orange as an accent color through fabrics, like bedding and window treatments.

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