As you know by now, foundation repair birmingham al isn’t something you can accomplish in just an hour or two as it requires complex processes and proper planning. Of course, it can be made manageable by having the right tools, the right instructions, and purchasing the right materials. In this article, we will give you all the tips and techniques you will need for a DIY birmingham concrete project to help you avoid making costly mistakes.

Distinguish Condensation From Seepage

A moist basement doesn’t always mean that you have a problem with the waterproofing of your basement. Sometimes, moisture doesn’t come from your home’s exterior but from the excessive moisture within the basement’s interior. In order for you to determine where the moisture comes from, tape a piece of aluminum foil on the area where you usually see moisture. Leave the foil for at least 3 days. Once you remove the foil, check whether the area where you placed your foil is dry. Also, check if the area surrounding the foil is wet. If this is the case, then you have to waterproof your basement because you certainly have an issue with condensation.

Assess The Situation

It’s important that you remember the fact that you should only make birmingham foundation as your DIY project if the damage can still be managed and it’s not extensive. Do you have a problem with flooding and moisture in your basement because of a serious issue with your home’s foundation? If yes, then there is no chance for you to make the task as your DIY project because you’ll need the expertise of a professional. DIY waterproofing can only be done if the moisture comes from a small crack on your floor, ceiling, or wall as the crack can be easily repaired.

Prepare The Area

You may need to coat your basement’s surface with a waterproofing material if it’s prone to mildew, mold, and moisture but there’s no crack in its structure. To start off, clean the surface area, and scrape, chip off, and brush the loose materials, caked paint, powdery cement, mold, grease, dust, etc. Focus on the points most prone to moisture. Also, check every inch of your basement because it’s important that you don’t miss even a single crack.

Select The Materials

There are several materials to choose from including sealants, cement, and paint. Take note that there’re different kinds of materials and they come with their own sets of problems. It’s important that you inquire with professionals or the workers at your nearest hardware store. They can give you tips regarding this.

When buying waterproofing materials, make sure that you read the labels carefully so you can ensure that you purchased the ones that are sufficient for your needs. Before the application, follow all the instructions as well. Remember that there are no alternatives or shortcuts for a DIY-er. This means that you need to follow all the instructions carefully or you may fail on concrete birmingham.