Damask roses (Rosa damascena) are among the oldest members of the rose family, dating dating back to tens of thousands of years. They have been famous for their powerful fragrance, that’s why the flowers are usually employed in making perfumes as well as their pink or white flowers. Damask roses can make a beautiful, aromatic centerpiece for the garden, resistant to illness and are simple to develop.


The Damask rose, also called the Rose of Castile or the Damascus Rose, started in the Eastern Mediterranean a wild-rose species as well as as a hybrid involving the Gallica rose. The crops have medium- pink or white flowers and green leaves clusters on stems that are thorned. These rosebushes arch as they grow to heights of 8 feet, and a few of the stems might need to be staked.


Most Damask rose types bloom just once, even though the Autumn Damask will bloom in the fall and again in early summer. There are over twelve Damask rose-bush cultivars, but the American Rose Society suggests Celsiana and Rose de Rescht among the easiest to develop. The Rose de Rescht has little fuchsia- blooms with just thorns, while Celsiana functions extremely fragrant semi- double pink blooms in sprays. The Ispahan cultivar resembles a fountain that is pink, and might bloom to get a period of up to 8 weeks.


Damask roses will tolerate almost any kind of soil except chalk, provided that it’s a pH of 5.5 to 7.5. Minimum upkeep is required by the bushes, but use some common fertilizer with phosphorus in the spring along with a small rose foods in midsummer. To give your plants an additional boost, add organic matter like well-rotted manure, mulch or compost across the base of the bush. Damask roses regular to watering and choose sun to full sunlight.

Pruning and Pests

Prune – Damask roses if you don’t want an exhibit of just after as soon as they finish blooming rose hips. Should you prune them throughout the winter some Damasks cultivars will have total cane die-back. A rule of thumb will be to avoid pruning and thereafter merely eliminate dis-eased or lifeless wood and lightly prune canes to shape-up the plant. Cut any deadheads in summer. Damask rose bushes are resistant to dis Ease and pests, but assist stop issues by using blended plantings in your flowerbeds, enabling excellent air-circulation and sufficient spacing, and watering adequately.