Alternanthera dentata “Purple Knight,” generally called Joseph’s coat, pleasure weed or calico weed, is a tropical plant with dark purple foliage as well as a sprawling, vigorous growth habit. Choose container or a website with this plant and offer care through the entire growing period to keep it looking its finest.

Site Needs

Alternanthera prefers full sun but will perform properly in lightly shaded locations. The best soil for Alternanthera “Purple Knight” is well-drained and moist but not particularly fertile. Amend soils by mixing in organic matter or alternative structure-enhancing amendments. Alternanthera is a frost-tender perennial; it grows as an annual in most zones but U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 10 and 11. It could overwinter in zones brought indoors or if planted in a guarded, warm room.

Care Concerns

Alternanthera “Purple Knight” tolerates heat properly and withstands brief periods of drought but performs best with weekly watering. Water more often during warm, dry climate in the event that you’ve it planted in a container. Pinch off developing ideas frequently to sustain a a tight, neat appear or use pruning shears to sustain a more formal appearance. Fertilize crops in the floor every couple of months. Container plantings every couple of weeks through the growing season.


Propagate “Purple Knight” utilizing seeds or cuttings. To develop this plant begin the seed in a medium that is germinating before moving them outside, about four to five months. Transition the crops to the the outside when night-time temperatures regularly remain above 60 degrees Fahrenheit, or transplant them. It’s possible for you to take cuttings and root them in a sand and vermiculite or perlite combination. If developed as a perennial, divide clumps of Alternanthera in spring.

Potential Issues

Most problems that may bother Alternanthera “Purple Knight” are preventable with appropriate site selection and planning and treatment. Decreased vigor will be suffered by the plant and may develop rot in the event the website isn’t well-drained. Plant Alternanthera in full-sun and fertilize outstanding coloring to be maintained by it. Avoid lankiness issues or ugly form with pruning or normal pinching through the entire season. Slugs and caterpillars could possibly be interested in the Alternanthera foliage. Remove these pests manually.

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