Admit it, you’ve commitment issues — when it comes to picking a color. Believe me when I say you’re in the business of many.

Besides a can of paint, there isn’t any easier or cheaper way to add color, texture and pattern throughout your house than with some brightly colored throw cushions. Sure, even they could seem daunting and at times get cluttered, but onto a couch, an accent chair or a bed, they are just like a stunning piece of jewelry to finish an outfit.

Loading on these gems doesn’t need to be a costly venture, either. You can find great budget-friendly cushions with a little searching. You could also turn the look up a notch with customized cushions. Splurge on a lawn or two of the fabric you absolutely love, and use it to create a few well-placed cushions. A suggestion: Use that pricey fabric on the front of the pillow just, and use an inexpensive cloth on the back, which nobody will ever see.

Still stuck? Have a glance at these chambers, where throw cushions slip the series.

The walls in the living area are demure in a pink, but the fearless fuchsia and green cushions give the room a little punch. Pink and green are complementary colors; in this circumstance, the green also helps balance the layers of pink. To attain the cushions’ custom style, you can simply purchase inexpensive pillows in the colors of your choice and employ a few easy trim patterns.

Caitlin Wilson Design

The geometric shapes of these black and white cushions, next to the yellow toss, immediately turn this white couch — which could have been lost from these very white walls — into a statement piece. Bold geometric shapes are still on fashion, and this routine serves as a great foil for the blue and white toile pillows.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Keep it alive with five — that is my rule of thumb when using throw cushions on couches. Two on each corner and one in the middle are only enough for somebody to find comfy. A couch packed with more than five cushions may appear cluttered and be difficult to sit comfortably. Within this space the beige walls get some great color from the rug, easy artwork and lively pillows.

Lisa Benbow – Garnish Designs

The not-too-many-pillows rule applies to the bedroom too. Three to five throw cushions, alongside regular sleeping cushions, are more than sufficient. The owner of the bedroom decided to live a bit on the crazy side with the addition of passionate orange shades and patterns. But note that there’s restraint, and the bed isn’t overflowing with cushions. The men in your life will love this, too.

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

This quaint breakfast nook becomes additional charm and color from the cushions added into the banquette. There’s no need to match your throw cushions — notice that the cute mix of colors, shapes and layouts here.

Drew McGukin Interiors @drewmcgukin

The pillow rules change a little for sectionals and banquettes. These are often bigger, so seven to eight cushions won’t conquer the seating area. This oversize sectional gets pizzazz with these floral-inspired cushions. And these aren’t the florals you recall from Grandma’s home — these are heavy on the color with daring imprints.

The accent chairs in your house need some love, too. Do not hesitate to offer them some focus with a throw pillow or 2. The vertical stripes on these cushions are an ideal background for the patterned green cushions. Notice the mix of pillow contours: an oblong alongside a square.

Society Social

Bold colors and various patterns, textures and shapes — these cushions cover it all. This is a superb example of how mixing all of the above ideas could work. It’s an enjoyable and lively trend to try in your house this year and once again, it won’t break the bank. This vibrant selection of budget-friendly pillows adorns a white couch in the house of Society Social creator Roxy Owens.


Colorful Throw Pillow Cover – $59.50

Use pillow covers instead of purchasing and hoarding loads of cushions. Change them on a whim, for a special event or by year.


Throw Pillow Cover, Rainbow by The Red Pistachio – $18

Affordable pillow covers like this will immediately add a lively and bold color statement to your home.


Colorful Suzani Throw Pillow

Do not be afraid to use pillows with bold prints. They make a significant statement — even when they are little.


Fuchsia Peak Pillow Cover by Mimosa Lane

These playful, budget-friendly pillows are sure to make any space feel enjoyable.

Inform us How do you prefer to use throw pillows? Which are your tried and true rules?

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