There has been a fantastic resurgence in the prevalence of wallpaper in the last couple of years, but since many of the products out there are coated with PVC (which conveys known health risks) or utilize toxic glues, wallpapering could be problematic for those people trying to go green. Luckily things are changing, with more and more designers and businesses picking an earth-friendly approach. With offerings which have clay coatings that increase durability to recycled and sustainably harvested materials and water-based inks, these eight industry innovators are stepping up to the plate together with solutions to the eco friendly wallpaper conundrum.


All of Us Together Wallpaper

1. Pottok. For an eye-popping accent wall in a modern space, look no further than Pottok — those artist-designed backgrounds are created out of recyclable paper and water-based inks, and use no chemical waterproofing.


Wallpaper’s Indigo Collection – $7

2. Eskayel. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Eskayel layouts a massive selection of imaginative hand-painted wallpaper patterns. Papers are created from natural and recycled materials, clay coated for durability and vinyl free.

Modern Wallpaper – $150

3. Makelike. This Portland, Oregon, design team creates screen-printed backgrounds by hand, inspired by nature and vintage prints and examples. Wallpapers are created out of water-based inks on recyclable paper.

House & Hold

Aimee Wilder Baby Wallpaper – $150

4. Aimee Wilder. Wilder’s prints are refreshing, colorful and modern, with a graphic layout –inspired sensibility. Wallpapers are silk-screened by hand on clay-coated paper made from responsibly sourced fibers. By salvaging left wing ink, the studio can keep waste to a minimum.


Maxwell Wallpaper – $167

5. Twenty2. From subtle and natural to bright, saturated color, this design team provides a small bit of everything. The backgrounds are screen-printed by hand with water-based inks in the U.S.


Night Owl Wallpaper – $60

6. Spoonflower. This addictive website prints layouts on need, all on vinyl-free, self-adhesive, removable paper — excellent for rental apartments or even a nursery, in which you want the capability to swap out the wallpaper for a different look as baby develops. Tons of small, independent designers are using the website in order to expand their product offerings (the design shown is by Leanne Hatch), though you can even design your own print and Spoonflower will bring it to life for you.


MissPrint Saplings Wallpaper – GBP 59.95

7. MissPrint. This U.K. design team creates colorful prints inspired by Scandinavian and midcentury examples. MissPrint backgrounds are created out of paper from sustainably managed forests (accredited by PEFC) and published with natural inks. The line can also be available from the U.S. through Lucy Rose Design.

Spruce Eco-Studio

Madison and Grow Wallpaper, Eleanor – $150

8. Madison and Grow. This design group has a small but beautiful selection of backgrounds; they are silk-screened in California with water-based inks.


Ecofriendly Wallpaper Paste – $25

Shopping and setup notes. If you are shopping online, ask to view a photograph of this paper applied in an area to have a clearer idea of scale. Order samples before making a purchase and hire a pro to put in the paper. Going green shouldn’t stop with the wallpaper itself, so be sure to opt for an ecofriendly wallpaper paste (like the one displayed here).

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