Thus, you reside in a condo exactly the size of a shoebox and you’d like to have your entire family over for Thanksgiving? No Problem.

You converted your dining area into a house office — now it’s your turn to host Thanksgiving and you don’t want everyone sitting on your living room balancing plates of gravy-laden mashed potatoes on their laps? No worries.

You have a fantastic dining area with a great dining table that seats up to 10, but 20 people are expected? Gotcha covered!

Recent inventions in the mechanics for space rescue and super-expandable tables mean you can take a console table and turn it into a dining table which seats… wait for this. . .10. The five tables revealed here all start as streamlined console tables which will fit beautifully to an entryway or tucked behind a sofa. When business heads your way, they twist, slide, or telescope out their way to a table.

And also to go with these tables I’m including my top three selections for the slimmest of the slim folding seats. After the business leaves, these can hide in a closet, under a bed or can even be hung on the wall.

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

Giravolta | Console and Dining Table

Everything about this dining table is slick and slim, which makes it a perfect selection for a small space. If you require a table that is multi-functional, I believe this one could make a fantastic writing table when it is folded closed. Additionally, it has no separate leaves to store –another bonus in which space is at a premium.

The legs rotate and the top opens to make the table. It comes in three widths; the biggest will seat six.

Hint: You generally want at least 36″ between the wall and table so people are able to get past other seated guests when getting up from the table. 48″ would be better. If you reside in a small area, keeping your other furnishings lightweight will permit you to move pieces out of the way to make room for the dining table.

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

This dining table is a stroke of genius. Imagine a table which can expand right along with your waistline at Thanksgiving!

Once I seen the Fall 2011 High Point Marketplace I saw the Granddaddy of all console tables which extend to a table. This dining table from Ozzio has a telescoping aluminum frame which slides so far open, it will seat 12 people. The table’s greatest length is 293 cm. — a little more than 115 inches .

Hint: Take for approximately 24″ of width each person to determine how many people can sit on a table, taking care not to crowd people in the corners.

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

One of my clients used the Lance expandable console in an entry market. They have a separate dining area with a fantastic table, yet this table still gets continuous use as a food channel during parties. During the holidays it is pulled around to the dining area nearby and put end-to-end using their regular table. I like the substantial feel it has when one side is folded down in back.

Design Within Reach

Lance Console Extension Table – $1,250

Here is the same table at its open position. The legs are recessed under the ends and thinner than the table width so people can sit all of the way round the dining table without bumping into table legs. The fold-down design means no leaves to store.

Expandable console Ocarina Light Oak 3 expansion

I think the light oak finish on this table could work especially well at a beach home. But it does come in other finishes of black, white, white, silver, taupe or wenge, so it would fit in a wide array of spaces. This one utilizes a similar aluminum telescoping framework as the Golia table displayed previously, but it is smaller, chairs 8 comfortably.

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

Deco Expandable Console & Dining Table

I especially like the conventional inspiration to get the leg contour on this table by Ozzio. All of the examples I found of those exact expandable tables were very contemporary in style, so it was pleasant to find one which would work better at a more conventional space.

Flux Chair – $199

So, where do you maintain 8 or 10 chairs when you did not have room for a table to begin with? Folding chairs would be the response, and palms down, this one is my favorite. It folds completely flat — and I really do mean flat. At only 0.6″ thick, when horizontal, you can save 20 of these at a stack only one foot thick. The seat has a handle to make it easy to carry when flattened.

It might appear to be a fancy bit of blossom, but it is stronger than it looks. It holds over 300 pounds, allowing you to indulge in that second piece of pie at Thanksgiving dinner.

It comes in many colours (I would use the glowing orange ones round that white table at the next photo in this ideabook). Seat cushions are available.

Jake Phipps Isis Chair

This folding chair is also quite thin, at only 1.18″ when horizontal.

Hint: When choosing folding seats, pay close attention to their shape when horizontal, and how much room they’d take to store together. Though this seat is twice the thickness of the final seat, it isn’t too tall or wide when horizontal, so that will influence your selection.

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

Piana Folding Chair – $225

Here is one last super-slim alternative for folding seats. With an choice to hang them on the wall, then they really can be stored in very little space.

Inform us: Would you be capable of using a super expandable dining table in your house?

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