There are many ways to market your pet we’ve lost track, but we’ve rounded up 40 ways to do it together with scads of style. Ironically, a lot of these gifts are for dog and cat and bird’s best friends (sorry all, we did not really get into reptiles or rodents because honestly, seeing images of both of those critters freaks me out). Anyway, you understand that pet owners, the ones who are far more delighted with a gift for Spot or Whiskers than one for their own, that create their dogs wear sweaters, who refill the bird feeder every day and yell at squirrels who attempt to get in on the birdseed action? These are the men and women in the bullseye of this gift guide goal. Because the majority of these gifts are aimed toward home decor and owners, keep in mind that some of the best gifts you can offer your pet are free: love, pats, attention and walks.

We’d love your great gift finds, in reality, a few of the thoughts here came from the Houzz community! Insert a link to your best idea for the best pet gift in the comments section and tell us why you enjoy it. The Houzz manhood with most creative idea wins a $50 gift card to Petco. And make sure you come back tomorrow for our next guide to the most stylish gifts of this season!


Welcome to the Zoo Delightful Doormat – $34

This doormat is a superb place to pause and remove muddy shoes, wipe down mucky paws and eliminate leashes. It will also warn visitors what they’re in for once the door opens!

Made of 100% coir
Thick and durable

Fatboy USA

Doggielounge Marimekko® Fatboy – $179

This pet select comes from Houzz team member Annie, who states,”Every dog deserves a designer bed to nap on. And that one is big enough and stylish enough that it would be difficult to stop me from napping on it side-by-side together with my dog.”

48″ x 32″

Series 2 Double Raised Feeder – $118

Houzz contributor Debbie Snider says,”this elevated feeder will fit right in with any modern decoration, and your pet will be dining in style!”

It comes in various finishes such as bamboo, cherry, and wenge
Starts at $118

The Orvis Company

If your friend cares about her furniture but can’t appear to maintain Fluffy off the new sofa, this microfiber pet toss is for her. Even if Fluffy is trained to stay off the furniture, it can present her pet additional comfort in the vehicle, crate, or on the dog bed.

BONUS: You also can add a monogram (look closely to observe that the”MAGGIE” from the picture).

High-quality spun polyester involving the microfiber cloth on one side and nonpilling, high-napping Berber™ fleece on the other hand.
Moderate (chair): 48″ x 56″ ($79)
Big (couch): 50″ x 100″ ($139)


tigrito cat bowl by miriam mirri for alessi – $90

This is my new favourite pet bowl. It is such a pinch of animation fun to get on your floor rather than plain old water and food bowls.

BONUS: Because the tail serves as a treat, you do not even have to bend all of the way over to pick it up as it requires it a refill.

Polypropylene and stainless steel, this piece is destined to be a classic. Tigrito is available in four colours and each bowl retains 9.5 oz of food or water.

11.5″ W x 11″ H x 6.25″ D


Teddy Luong to get Umbra Fish Hotel – $25

This is so much cooler than the dull goldfish bowl that I had as a child. This fish hotel is only $25, so if you want to get super-fancy, purchase two. They’re stackable, so the bottom one can be the lobby and the top one can be a Randy Gerber V.I.P. pub called SkyWater or Whiskey Bowl.

Glass fishbowl with a white ABS shell
Glass bowls may be removed for easy cleanup
7.5″ x 7.5″ x 8″
Fish not included

Sundance Catalog


It is big. It is fleece. Plus it squeaks. OH BOY!

Polyester fill.
Machine wash
22″W x 12″D x 6″H.


Place of 4 Dog Bone Toys — Set of Four – $38.40

I do not even have a dog and I need these only to throw around my house. They are some type of dandy bow tie–dog bone hybridvehicle.

Collection of four dog bone toys: one of each style
6.75″ W x 5″ D x 1.5″ H
100% cotton polyester
$38.40 (Set of 4)

Pod Bed in Spring Bud Green – $99

Houzz team member Lily says,”Hepper’s pet pods ensure your dog or cat’s house is as stylish as your own. With a sherpa-lined inside, they’re also as comfy as could be for the pet.”

For cats and tiny dogs. Holds up to about 50 pounds.
Check the measurements to make sure your critter will fit.

Overall size 20.5″ W x 20.5″ D x 20″ H, inside is about 16″ in diameter
Door is 8″ W x 7.5″ H, underside of door is 11″ from the ground


Handmade Birdfeeder by Perch! – $108

This shapely ceramic birdfeeder can make birds and aesthetes joyful: it is a beautiful piece of art hanging from the tree. Just consider your loved one looking from the kitchen window and spotting a gorgeous cardinal eating breakfast out of it.

Low-fire ceramic, non-toxic glaze
Natural leather cord tanned with vegetable-based dyes
7″ diameter x 5″ tall. Hangs out of a 36″ leather cord. Holds about 2 cups of bird seed.


This leash is so stylin’ that you’re giftee may wish to hang it out in the open, so it could be appreciated as a part of the house decoration.

100% cotton cloth with chocolate pumpkin and brown orange tests, backed by chocolate brown webbing. It is finished with a durable nickel swivel snap hook. Stress factors are triple stitched for maximum durability.
Length: 3/4″ or 1″ Length: 4 feet or 5 ft

Audobon Soda Bottle Bird Feeder – $10.95

Who knew a plastic 2-Liter bottle could transform into something so beautiful? They provide the bottom and the hook, so you provide the empty 2-liter.

Zinc metal
H 3.5″ W 5.5″ D 1.25″


Blue and White Porcelain Pet Bowl – $24.65

Why should Fluffy possess a tacky plastic jar? Why should Fluffy’s mom have to look down at it? This ceramic bowl is the antidote into the pet bowl eyesore problem!

Holds 14 ounces of meals
8″ dia. x 3.5″ H

Design Public

Kelly Lamb Geo-Birdhouse – $95

Houzz friend Ali of Asiz’s Child states,”that the minimalist/modern Kelly Lamb Gio Birdhouse is inspired by the geodesic dome popularized by architect Buckminster Fuller. Yes !”

8″ W x 88″ H x 8IA” D

Eclectic Dog Beds – $245

If your dog’s pedigree started in England, this Union Jack dog bed is crucial. It is the right place for Nigel that the English Bulldog to perch while he sees the Will and Kate wed..

Poly-fill stuffer. These can also be arranged in any of J.A.’s wool colour combinations.
32x32x4 22x22x4

Home Decor HSN

Carleton Varney Hillandale Rose Pet Bed – $39.95

Let us face it: This dog bed is so pretty that no creature should ever be allowed near anywhere close to it. I suppose that is exactly what a detachable cover and Oxyclean are for – it is too fabulous to pass up!

Removable cover with 60″ zipper for simple laundering
Color Choices: Pink, Blue or Yellowgreen
Approx. 5″H x 30″ in diameter
250 thread count 100% silk cotton sateen; fill: 100% polyester
$39.95 (HSN Clearance – HURRY if you want it!)

Trixie + Peanut

Felt Catnip Tweety Bird Cat Toys – $21

Your cat will go absolutely bananas over these catnip Tweety Birds, but they’re so adorable that seeing them scattered around the house won’t drive you bananas.

Potent organic catnip + a velcro pocket for catnip refills.
3 1/2″ broad; available in kelly green, bright red + cool violet.
Sold individually or as a pair of three
Set of 3 ($21)


Fairy Dust Hummingbird Feeder – $32.99

There’s something about seeing a hummingbird that makes one stop and say”Ohhhhh!” Help someone discover that delight more frequently by feeding those crazy small birds.

9.25 inches length x 7 inches diameter x 4.75 inches height Estimated Ship Weight: 2 pounds


Mod Dachshund Print 8×10 by ModDogShop on Etsy – $20

Thanks so much to Houzz community member willizee for suggesting these ModDogShop pet shape paintings. Obviously, they’re more of a present for your own pet owner in relation to the pet, but aren’t all pet gifts?

8×10 Mod Dachshund Printing – 8×10
Sweet and lowdown in chocolate brown
Fine art prints are hand-drawn, published on acid-free 100% Cotton Rag Paper with non-toxic inks, and so are suitable for framing
All prints are signed and dated by the artist.


Recyclebone – $12

Houzz team member Sheila chose these smart sustainable dog bone toys created out of leftover chew toy rubber scraps. Additionally they have holes in them so that you can fill them with treats. Everybody wins!

100 percent”regrind” first-quality Orbee-Tuff® material that would otherwise be lost
6.5″ extended
Black, Purple, Ivory Swirl, Green, and Lemon Yellow

Design Within Reach

Woven Pet Basket – $67.50

Many Houzz staff members emailed me this gorgeous woven pet bed as their favourite pet gift. It is Shaker style modern (is that an oxymoron? Somehow with this basket, it is not), and comfy for your favorite critter!

Removable fleece liner provides lasting (and machine washable) comfort for the pet.
Crafted from woven rattan, it’s a modern shape to blend seamlessly in a vast array of interiors.
Wood foundation means that it could be safely placed on any surface.
Handle on the top makes it easy to pick up and move.
H 15″ W 17.5″ D 14″
Wood; rattan reed; fleece.

Sundance Catalog


This gift is actually exactly what Fido needs: TREATS! Additionally, they are available in a super adorable tin you will be happy to exit (as long as he’s not smart enough to open the lid).

Enameled tin is packaged with 4 lbs of chicken-and-liver biscuits, made with healthy, high-quality, all-natural ingredients, such as wheat germ, flax seed meal, brewer’s yeast and rolled oats.
8-3/4″ Dia. x 11″.

Design Public

Marmalade Wall Flower Scratcher – $42

If your cat is anything like mine, then she will love these scratchers ALMOST as much as she adores scratching the side of that designer sofa.

Recycled cardboard, 35-percent-minimum post-consumer, with coloured microflute end-panels. Non-toxic adhesives.
Made with environmentally friendly materials. 100% recyclable at the end of its lifecycle. Can be connected to a wall with optional wall clips, sold individually
Symmetrical design allows for reversibility
35″ L x 3.5″ W x 4.5″ D

Design Public

Amenity Hemp Dog Bed – $103

This pet bed is for the pet owner who prefers more of a nature-inspired print. Speaking of character, it is made from a hemp fabric/certified natural combination, water-based dyes and filled with polyester made out of spun bottles that are recycled. Therefore, it is not only pleasingly pretty, it is pleasingly green.

55% hemp 45% certified organic cotton, printed with non-toxic, water-based dyes.
Filled with a high-quality polyester fiber produced from spun bottles that are recycled.
Printed and sewn locally in Los Angeles.
Little: 4 H x 19 W x 25 L ($103)
Big: 4 H x 25 W x 37 L ($133)

Crypton Doodle Dog Bed, Persimmon, Moderate – $130

This bright dog bed is eco-friendly, resistant to all kinds of yucky stuff (stains, moisture, odor, bacteria. . .let’s just leave it at”drool”), and best of all, is so doggone cute it’ll make your favourite dog owner grin. Yes, I simply said”doggone.” I could not help myself.

Cover: 100% Polyester. Fill: 100% Recycled polyester.
Produced in the USA. Simple to place clean, machine washable, and with a self-healing zipper.
Little: 18 x 24 x 4 ($99)
Moderate: 27 x 36 x 5 ($130)

Horse & Hound Gallery

Personalized Labrador Dog Pillow, Pillows – $125

This is a totally fun, personalized gift for that man who’s only a little too mad in their dog (is there anything?) . Several designs available with the name/names of your pets!

11 characters maximum
Velveteen zipped back
100 percent New Zealand wool / poly-filled insert
Spot clean or dry clean
18″ x 18″


“Woof” Treat Jar – $19.95

Every time your favourite dog owner makes a move toward this particular jar, his dog will go bonkers with glee and anticipation — make certain to warn him about that before he selects where to display it.

BONUS DETAIL: The handle is shaped just like a Milk Bone. Throw a box of these inside before wrap this up.

White ceramic ion features picture”Woof” thought bubble from black
100% porcelain
6.5″ Dia. X 9.5″ H
Dishwasher safe


“Woof” Dog Mat – $2.95

This tiny mat that can save your giftee’s floor out of pet bowl spillage is adorable without being overly cutesy. The traces allow it to be that the former, the cool images save it out of the latter.

98 percent polypropylene, 2% ink
Clean with a damp cloth

L.L. Bean

Travel Feed Bags – $19

Occasionally pet owners need to travel together with their furry pals, and lugging around a torn bag of Iams they purchased in bulk at Costco can be a entire drag. These travel pouches keep pet food fresh, contained and compact.

Fabric is a closely woven polyester mix made from recycled vinyl
Holds up to 7 lbs.


Martha Stewart Fleece Chew Toy – $7.99

I’ll fess up. I picked this toy soley because it reminds me of a braces-clad Parker Posey freaking out over a missing Busy Bee in”Best in Show.” It is super cute, and it is Martha-Stewart-endorsed, so why not?

Polar Fleece


Mr. Herzher’s Single Seat Feline Furniture – $84.99

All a cat really wants is to have the ability to look out that window, and she will mess up any furniture underneath, scratch the hell out of this moldings, and push screens out from her seat onto the windowsill to perform it. Only give in and get her a birdwatching perch.

Protective felt pads prevent scratches, dents or chips on floors
Lounging region is 20″ X 13″
Total size: 20.5″ L X 16″ W X 18.5″ H
Raised borders & luxurious cushioning cradle your cat in comfort.
Upholstered in neutral, soft and durable micro-fiber suede cloth.


Custom Pet Portrait by lisacongdon on Etsy – $180

Thanks to Houzz team member Lily for passing along this very personal and creative gift. Send artist Lisa Congdon an electronic photo of a beloved pet, and in 2-4 months she will send you back a custom portrait!

8″x10″ portrait

Horse & Hound Gallery

Thoroughbred Metal Waste Basket – $65

Horse lovers tend to love the equestrian appearance in each area. If you understand you, chances are she will love this classic racing scene waste basket.

Heavy metallic burgundy oblong can.
Both bottom and top on can be trimmed in gold. Can is lacquered and sealed for durability.
11.25″ tall, 9.5″ wide.


Dogs Unleashed Light Blue Pet Hair Mitt – $5.94

Occasionally pet owners do not understand that their customers are constantly getting covered in undesirable pet hair, and after awhile, nobody would like to come over anymore. This hair removing glove is really a nice powerful hint and a good stocking stuffer.

Instantly brings & eliminates loose pet hair
Thumb hole attribute for simple usage
One Size Fits All
6″ W X 9.5″ H


Garden in a Bag: Cat Grass – $9

Grow fairly wheat grass in a windowsill, then snip off clippings to nourish your cat for a treat or as a garnish on her Fancy Feast. It is a nice plant for the two of you to enjoy.

Plastic-lined kraft-paper bag, soil, natural seeds
6″ wide x 7″ tall x 3″ deep

The Orvis Company

Wood Dog Crate / Wood/Metal Deluxe Dog Crate – $375

Let us face it: Most pet crates are REALLY awful. This one is made of handsome pine and doubles as a side table. It is a significant improvement upon these plastic and wire items. Who would like to look at that in the living room?

The base of the cage is coated with a rubberized coating to protect the wood from liquids.
Wood and metal
Moderate 241/4″H x 30″ x 21″W, dogs up to 50 lbs. ($375)
Large 271/4″H x 36″L x 24″W, dogs 50-90 lbs. ($450)

Cat Climb Condo – $299

Most cat condos involve some shade of beige carpet, odd shapes, ropes, and are, in a word, horrible. Thank goodness for this particular geometric rise condominium in a nice modern colour palette!

Constructed of wood and cotton cloth
Five stackable cubes with holes placed for scaling

Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler Dog Bowl – $50

This pick is for the pet owner who’s also a Jonathan Adler enthusiast. If you are feeling very ample, then purchase one for water and one for meals in order for your giftee will have a matching collection.

High fired stoneware
Little 7.5″ x 2″ $50
Big 10.5″ x 3″ $78


KONG Cat Zoom Groom Brush – $5.47

I’ve got it on good authority in the loving Maine Coon named Miss Bubbs that this is her very favorite brush. It massages your cat whilst eliminating all of that extra hair.

BONUS: When used regularly, it saves the floors and furniture out of fur.

Constructed of soft, pliable rubber
Easy to grip and use
Removes loose hair

Pet Hair Magnet in Pink – $8.99

Each home with a pet requires you o

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