Whenever you mention handyman St Petersburg FL, a lot of people immediately think about woodwork. However, woodwork is not all there is to making a beautiful outdoor space. There are different ideas you can consider, with varying complexities, settings and meeting different budgetary constraints.

Below are 15 amazing ideas you can use to transform your backyard:

Cedar and Glass

This would be an impressive option for someone who enjoys salvage and restoration. It is also perfect for a DIY enthusiast. With some glass and cedar wood, you will be able to transform the porch into whatever design you fancy.

Lush Leaf Design

The lush leaf concept is all about style. It is also ideal when you have a lot of space. The construct resembles the shape of a leaf, complete with the veins. It has to be designed at different levels to achieve the best results.

Luxurious Outdoor Kitchen

The beauty of an outdoor kitchen lies in the ease with which you can connect appliances and fixtures like plumbing and electrical works. It also gives you more space to work with because you will basically expand your kitchen outdoors.

Room for Steamy Relaxation

Converting your handyman services St Petersburg FL into a relaxation hub is another brilliant idea. You can do this by sinking a spa into the deck, some sun loungers and have the ultimate relaxation hub. You might even work a minibar into the model.

Bright Beach House View

In case your house overlooks the beach, you can extend the porch to give you an unfiltered view of the ocean. Make sure you also design a retractable awning, which is useful when the sun’s rays are harsh.

Open-Air Structure

Another option is to do away with the walls altogether. Redesign the outdoor space into an open-air structure. This will become a very good place for the family to spend quality time by extending the outdoor space.

Stacked Decks

If you are artsy enough, you can stack a series of stairs to transform your backyard. This is perfect in case your backyard features a steep drop. The stair model helps you create usable space out of space that would have been wasted, and a beautiful landscape.

Glossy Traditional Style Deck

This is another brilliant idea for DIY lovers. The model features a traditional Georgian porch style. You have to be minimalist on the furniture though so that you do not end up cramping the space.

Enchanted Deck Atmosphere

Paradise is not just for the movies; you can create your own, in your backyard. With some lush landscape, you can create a beautiful laid back outdoor area.

Rambling Composite Deck

For this design, you take advantage of the vegetation around your home. Bring the trees into perspective and curve the structure of your decks around the trees by building an amazing and luxurious deck.

Standout Deck Stairs

If you have a waterbody around your home, you might want to consider stone surface landings and curved stairs. They provide an incredible view and a great aesthetic ambiance.

Sun-Blocking Pergolas

Pergolas are a classic work of architecture. You can use them to revamp an average deck, complete with climbers, to bring a sense of style to your deck.

Wide Berth for Container Gardens

If you have the room, remodel your backyard to have a thriving container garden. You can plant a variety of plants, especially those that thrive most of the year.

Low Height Standards

You will need a variety of surface textures to make this work. It is a good way to transition a cottage garden, using the steps for different levels of garden plants.

In the Curve

Make use of the decking materials at your disposal. While most people would have their decks in the yard, take yours to the roof. There is a lot of room here for you to work with. You can even incorporate different furniture to match the construction of your handyman St Petersburg.